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Bold & Beautiful

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Get ready for something bright & crazy, summer is just around the corner……


Crazy Clash

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New feature of VimS – Stylish Saturday, where LPB dictates predicts the trend.

Some deep, dramatic purple, violet & blue for Fall, coupled with magenta, fuschia……

Intense jewels tones are very Autumn-Winter appropriate.

 Even more funky & hip if clashed with bright, cheerful shades.

The temperature is falling, lets loosen up & have some fun. Fashion should never be taken seriously.

Pretty Powerful

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Inspired by Joey’s red carpet look, here

Stylishly serious jacket with sultry dress & sandals – A hybrid so immaculate yet casual. Wear this with crazy, loud, bright, vivid lips & nails for maximum impact.

Orange Lips

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Like you need another excuse to wear orange lipstick this summer ! My pick is Illamasqua Flare from its  toxic nature collection.


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This summer is gonna be hot & saturated with vivid, acid bright shades; Arm yourself with some bold necessities, for the sakes of fashion & beauty.

The Spring Summer 2011 colour palettes are so dramatic that they look toxic yet exotic.

Illamasqua is well known for its colour range; My pick from its toxic nature collection are  Flare ( Orange ) lipstick & Radium nail ( Acid Green ) varnish.

You can read about the Illamasqua’s Toxic Nature collection & see some beautiful swatches here. Blame Joey if you can’t resist the temptation.

Illamasqua Atomic

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Illamasqua Atomic is an awesome magenta with amazing pigment, incredible staying power &  an opaque matte finish that refused to transfer. This remarkable lipstick does requires attentive lip preparation prior to application as it’s very unforgiving on neglected/parched/sore lips.

However, the end results are unapologetically fabulous.

A cheesy name with a cheesy shade, but this is gonna be a hit, and will make a fashionable come back in 20 years time, just like Atomic Blondie !

Illamasqua Atomic is a shade from the current Toxic Nature collection.

Illamasqua Throb

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Have dramatic eyes & lips this Valentine day with Illamasqua’s Throb collection.

A vampy makeup requires equally femme-fatale outfit. If you could spare £30000, get this fabulous McQueen embroidered silk-jacquard cape – It’ll even fit a Vampire Queen!