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Home Deco

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With less than 1 week to go ( moving in ), I am STRESSED, and excited, of course.

Sorry, I am still busy decorating……



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Sorry for my recent absence from the blogging scene, as I was real estate hunting.

Finally found my type of house, made an offer & got accepted.

The last few weeks has been  all about white ware & furniture shopping; Posting will continues to be random & infrequent till I am settled & finished decorating.

PS: Yes, I did buy the bedroom set shown above.

I still have 2 bedrooms & a private lounge to sort out……

Quick Fix

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Big hair covers a multitude of flaws……

Wrinkles & lines ……now you see, now you don’t.

Sorry, Rachel.

Do You Believe in Luck?

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I do.

Thanks for what I had so far; I am grateful with my upbringing, education & achievement, employment & networking.

Of course, I also believe in Karma, charms & ornaments, Feng Shui……


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Just realized that VimS hit 100,000 visits recently.

Thanks for the support.

Illustration by Pucky from


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I just realized that I had blogged more than 1000 posts since I started VimS 3 years ago.

Throughout these years & through my blog, I had met / known some great people. The energy has always been positive and I had a real good time blogging & surfing. So much to discover, so much to appreciate.

Nice meeting you all & thanks for following.


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If you were an inanimate object, what would you be and why?

So that I could tell you how pretty/handsome you are.

Okay, maybe I am just nosey, you know, those funny stuff people would do in front of a mirror……

And I bet you wouldn’t dare to break me, unless you’re longing for 7 years of bad luck & misery.