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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Inspiration 11

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Porcelain complexion with raspberry / wine lips, sans blusher / eyeshadow.

FYI, I am not a huge fan of Twilight but this vampish style is really stunning.

What’s your favourite wine lipstick? I got myself NARS strawberry field lipgloss after coming across this cover.


LPB August 2010 Favourites

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I am currently enjoy using Spiezia Organics facial cleanser, a handmade cleansing cream that contains a unique blend of herbs and oils that have decongesting and soothing properties.

To protect my skin from the harsh sun rays, I armed myself with Invisible Zinc tinted daywear. Laura Mercier mineral foundation primer is a must in summer, it keeps skin matte and smooth despite the humidity & heat.

Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate is a botanical version ( or a poor man choice ) of Guerlain’s midnight secret, in my opinion.

Nude smoothing body refiner should be the body product of the year, I had bulk purchased this after trying it. It’s a cellulite fighting product that works! I swear by its effectiveness, so far, I had only used it about once a day, for less than 2 weeks, but I had managed to slip into my skinny jeans again.

For a wash of colour, I am using Chanel pink teaser lipgloss, NARS daphne, rajasthan & tzarine eyeshadow, NARS douceur blush. Pink Teaser is a candy pink that instantly brightens up my lips while Douceur adds an incredibly healthy flush to my cheeks. Rajasthan & Tzarine, well, these fabulous hues define & add sparkles to my eyes.

NARS bronzer brush is probably the best powder brush ever made, it’s so versatile & I am so dependent on it to give me the best blending / finishing. Chanel’s inimitable intense mascara never fails to add a lovely sheen to my lashes.

I am hooked on Moroccanoil range, its glimmer shine spray is a life saver when humidity & frizziness strike. Despite the rather overpowering fragrance, glimmer shine spray tames & illuminates my maine like magic.

Guerlain’s Shalimar & Chanel’s No. 5 are my current favourites. I like to wear classy perfumes on a hot breezy summer day. I am notorious for my eccentricity when it comes to scent. I even used  Chanel No. 5 eau premiere to freshen my room & laundry! I am also busy experimenting with Chanel’s Bleu.

Perfect Day

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Reading my bible, I mean Vogue while sipping Henricks G&T, on a breezy afternoon.

It’s good to be watching the world goes by, on a weekday. Monday blues? Not  today.

I shall update my blog soon, after the splurge over the bank holiday weekend. The postman will always have to ring more than twice.

Inspiration 10

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Blending Chanel ombres contraste duo in Gris Subtil over lids. Blotting NARS pure matte lipstick  Vesuvio over lips. Coating Lancome definicils precious cell high definition amplifying mascara over lashes.

Salutation & class may be hereditary; Glamour & elegance are all about the right products & attitude.

Shanghai Red

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Wear a simple little black dress with dashes of red & gold, simply exotic and mesmerising; like a trip on the E&O train, Shanghai in its 30s……

Keep your complexion flawless with a sheer wash of luminous foundation; Groom your perfectly arched brows in dark ( not harsh ) colour; Wear an ultra black mascara; Sculpt your lips in meticulously matte red.

Bank Holiday Weekend

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Yes, it’s time of the year ( again ) where online beauty stores generally offer a 10 – 20 % discount on their products.  I will be busy shopping online for some fantastic offers.

Leave a message here if you’re searching for products and want to checkout the availability of discounts.

Shalimar by Jade Jagger

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Guerlain’s most successful fragrances since its creation in 1925; To celebrate its 85th anniversary, the bottle is now getting a new makeover with the help of designer and socialite Jade Jagger.

Jade Jagger takes a more minimalist approach with her limited edition bottle – of which only 182 copies will be made. This limited edition bottle will be available exclusively at Harrods from September 1st.

PS: Jade ( from JP, not Jagger ), maybe this LE bottle will keep you on the bright side of perfume kingdom. You totally deserve this.

Tres chic, sophistique &  exclusif ! Mademoiselle.