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Guerlain Super Aqua Serum Intense Hydration Wrinkle Plumper

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According to Guerlain researchers, an increasing shortage of water and its distribution in the skin are among the main causes of dehydration and wrinkle formation.

Today water is a precious resource – a “ blue gold ” – that is essential to life. However, when polluted, water becomes toxic for humankind, and for the skin. The water that circulates in the skin gets naturally polluted, causing dehydration and wrinkles.

Water is the central element to life on earth. It is also the element vital to the functioning of the human body. It is essential at the heart of the skin, the external envelope that protects and regulates the many exchanges with our environment.

Water plays a role at different levels in the skin:

• In the stratum corneum, it protects the skin’s barrier structure against external agents by ensuring the organisation of the lipids in the intercellular cement and the plasticity of the corneocytes.
• In the epidermis, it promotes cell vitality, by playing a key part in their renewal and differentiation.
• In the dermis, it helps to maintain tissue firmness and elasticity by bathing the fibroblasts and collagen fibres in an optimal environment for their activity.

An increasing shortage of water and its distribution in the skin are among the main causes of dehydration and wrinkle formation. But they are not alone. The purer the water in the environment in which the different biological processes operate, the better the exchanges and cellular activities, especially the capacities for biosynthesis that govern the skin’s youthfulness. To ensure optimal hydration and postpone the appearance of wrinkles, the quality of the water present in the skin is as important as its quantity.


Clusterin: a natural anti-pollution mechanism…

All cellular activity is a source of natural micro-fragments produced during cell deterioration or apoptosis. In the skin, the cell has biological means to eliminate these residues that accumulate in the water-rich intercellular spaces. Among them, Guerlain Research has brought to light a glycoprotein responsible for water purification: clusterin. This glycoprotein is able to capture cell debris present in the water in the skin so that these fragments are transported into the cells where they are neutralised.

When, due to age, stress or fatigue, the natural purification mechanisms are overwhelmed, cellular micro-fragments accumulate, particularly in the water in the skin. Just as polluted water can become toxic for humankind, the water in the skin becomes harmful to the proper functioning of the cells. The purification mechanisms themselves malfunction. The process accelerates. A vicious circle is set in motion.


Guerlain  has created Aqua Complex: it purifies cellular water* to revive the flow of hydration, restore youthfulness and replenish the skin with pure, dynamic water. The new Aqua Complex acts as a doubly protective shield. It reinforces the skin’s internal barrier, increasing its reserves of moisture and increasing cellular resistance to time and external factors.By relaunch the natural depollution mechanisms and purify cellular water, Guerlain has developed a new technology with cutting-edge active ingredients: Aqua Complex; It takes anti-wrinkle hydration to a new dimension.

Guerlain has enriched the SUPER AQUA SERUM formula with a new combination of active ingredients, Aquacomplex, to:

Enhance and relaunch the skin purification mechanisms
By stimulating clusterin* synthesis, Aquacomplex allows the skin to be irrigated with pure and essential water once again. The test results show that after 24 hours we already observe that the expression of clusterin has increased 2.75 times. “Cleansed” of the debris that pollutes it, cellular water is regenerated.

Help to increase the skin’s water reserves
By boosting the level of hyaluronic acid receptors by 20%*, Aquacomplex increases the binding of hyaluronic acid at the heart of the tissue and helps to reinflate the hydric mattress, which ensures the skin’s plumpness.

Help to preserve the impermeability of the skin
By stimulating the synthesis of occludins, the proteins that make up the impermeable junctions in the corneo-epidermal junction (CEJ), by 73%*, Aquacomplex helps to ensure the cohesion of the epidermal barrier.
Gradually rid of the waste that pollutes it*, the water that constantly replenishes the tissue is pure and essential, offering the cells the vitality they need to function optimally.

Imbued with water as pure as morning dew, skin is deeply hydrated and more resistant to the signs of aging. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly filled in. Skin is left smooth, fresh, radiant and re-plumped.


• 30 hours of intense hydration: +72%
Instrumental test performed on 10 volunteers

• An instant smoothing effect on wrinkles: -27%
Instrumental test performed on 15 volunteers

• Proven moisturising efficacy, even 5 days after stopping the treatment
Instrumental test performed on 19 volunteers, results after 21 days’ twice-daily use.

Clinical assessment performed on 32 women, results after 4 weeks’ twice-daily application.

• 97% of women who tried it were satisfied.

– they recover soft, supple skin that no longer feels tight: 92%
– their face is smoothed: 75%

After 1 month’s use of the serum:
– the skin is intensely plumped up: 88%
– the skin is more supple and comfortable: 97%
– the skin is smoother: 94%
– the skin is luminous and radiant: 94%

I totally adore the packaging of this reformulated hydrating serum; absolutely gorgeous & ultimately elegant! The pump dispenser is extremely user friendly & guaranteed to dispense the amount required precisely, hygienically & preserve its active ingredients till application.

The texture of this new Super Aqua serum is less oily than its predecessor, yet feels velvety & enveloping enough for the ultimate skin pampering. Despite its Aqua Serum nomenclature, this is actually a fine lotion. It smoothes & retextures my skin upon application. And in case you wonder, this subtly fragranced serum does make you feel like a spoilt diva. Its lovely scent is phenomenal, yet non-sensitizing ( my complexion ).

Super Aqua Serum Intense Hydration Wrinkle Plumper leaves my skin refreshed, energized & rehydrated. I use this as a booster serum + moisturizer at night. My skin felt pampered & nourished enough with this serum alone sans night cream. I regard this as a luxurious

The only complaint is it doesn’t plump wrinkles ( it does smoothes fine dry lines though).


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