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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Pink October 2010

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More pink purchases made this October……

Okay, maybe the Cartier ring is just a fantasy at the moment.


LPB Oct 2010 Favourites

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I guess you had noticed the Sisley predominance here this October 2010. It’s a divine line with an exuberant price tag.

I am currently using Sisleya Radiance Anti-Aging concentrate, Ecological Compound, Night Complex, Phyto Blanc Buff & Wash facial gel, Radiant Glow express masque religiously. My skin has never been so silky soft, porcelain fine & luminous……

I also enjoy using Nude Miracle mask as an instant perk up therapy. Nude Advance Cellular Renewal serum is another wonderful nourisher for ultimate skin repair & regeneration.

Weleda’s Pomegranate range &  Sea Buckthorn range are very impressive; especially the  creamy body wash and hand cream; really gentle & pleasant to use.

I am wearing Estee Lauder White Linen EDP a lot this month, besides trying out & starting to fall in love with Sisley Eau de Soir.

La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution & Anthelios sunscreen are new found essentials; Simple, efficient yet affordable.

I custom blended my own Lily Lolo mineral foundation and had been buffing this light complexion powder since for an instant perfection. Sisley Phyto-Lip has also been busy keeping my pout soft & kissable this month.

Watch this space, plenty of product reviews coming soon!

Sublimage or Supremya

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If you are going to get 1 serum as a Christmas gift to yourself, which one would you choose?

SUBLIMAGE Essential Revitalizing Concentrate – the integral first step in a new skincare regime of cell detoxification and regeneration.

This ground-breaking new concentrate is empowered by Golden Champa PFA*, derived from the legendary golden flower of the Himalayas, used in traditional Amchi medicine to help revitalize the body. Purified to its most potent essence, this natural ingredient frees cells of their toxins, restoring them to their purest, most vital, youthful state.

Detoxified and revitalized, skin is now reborn; its cells, fully receptive to the regenerating power of Planifolia PFA*, the star ingredient of the iconic SUBLIMAGE range.

La Nuit merges the comfort of a night cream with the concentration of a serum. It empowers the skin to gradually charge itself with active ingredients; Containing Phyto-complex LC12, a powerful synergy of 4 plant-based active ingredients – La Nuit extends the cells life span and enhances their quality of life; Leaving your skin tauter, sleeker and more radiant.

I am torn in between these two luxurious goodies……

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme

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You probably know by now that I dislike the conventional Men’s cologne that smells like dish washing liquid or room freshener.

Can you guess which was the 1st men fragrance I owned?

That’s right, It was in the 90s, a fine fragrance known as D&G Pour Homme.

D&G Pour Homme kicks off with refreshing and energizing citrus notes of bergamot, tangerine, orange, and lemon leaves; followed by the sharp, bold, raw aromatic notes of lavender, sage, cardamom & pepper appears in boldness. Its warm base includes cedar, tonka bean, sandalwood and musk.

This is a rather complex, complicated construction that ends up smelling somewhat medicinal yet undeniably masculine. It’s like a mixture of prozac, viagra, testosterone, nicotine & ethanol, in an olfactory sense.


What’s your favourite men scent? or scent you wish your man would be wearing, instead of his lynx.

Gold Fever

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Dior’s limited edition timepiece series dubbed Dior Christal “8”.

This collection has two designs; one in gold and lacquer Art Deco styling and the other a mother-of-pearl design. The gold model will be limited to just eight pieces, while the latter will have about hundred pieces.

Santa, if you’re going to be nice ( okay, needs to be filthy rich as well ), can I have both?

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010 Collection

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Isn’t the Desert eye quad lovely? Everyone needs an earthy palette for Fall.

Estee Lauder White Linen

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A modern classic to live in all year long.

Created in 1978, White Linen captures the very essence of a perfect day — early spring breezes tinged with the fragrance of fresh flowers and endless blue sky.

It evokes the crispness of clean sheets, the coolness of white flowers and fresh greenery. Bulgarian Rose, Violet and Orris blossoms lend a kind of natural elegance that transcends the seasons.

The Parfum Spray has the concentration of a traditional Eau de Parfum.

Top Notes – Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Muguet

Middle Notes – Violet, Orris

Base Notes – Vetiver, Moss, Amber

My mum used to wear this when I was young, so white linen is always a comforting & nurturing fragrance for me. Even the shape of the bottle serve like a stress squeeze ball to me. This crispy clean fresh floral is great for office wear & I spoilt myself rotten by using this as a linen spray as well – A few sprays onto the sheets before drying them in the dryer will leaves my house smelling like a lush white floral garden in a breezy bright morning.