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Hello Again

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Hello everyone, just to keep you all up to date with my house renovation progress……

The tres Dior houndstooth check wallpaper over the foyer.

The colorful bird to bring good omens & news, opportunities; Brass deer for comfortable and prosperous life for the family.

An acrylic painting depicting a gorgeous white horse trotting, I regard this an auspicious horse that would bring me abundance and victories.

In case you wonder where I had spend my money on……

I love chandeliers, especially if they are genuine crystal chandeliers.



New Home ( 7 )

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My second bedroom, my sanctuary……

A bejeweled Medicine Buddha residing in the recess of my head board for a sense of serenity & activation of benevolent, healing Qi.

Some decorative accents……

A black crystal lamp base with metallic silver fan patterned shade.  The reflective fan patterns are believed to dispel all Shar Qi.

 I am grateful to be able to utilize this room for my retreat & relaxation.

New Home ( 6 )

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Here’s my master suite……

A peacock print to invite auspicious  “Qi” to the room.

My mega dresser, hopefully I will have enough space for all my beauty treats.

And the mirror is rather panoramic…..

Bedside table used as entertainment unit for my ancient IMac, solely used as a DVD player.

A tall & solid headboard for support & protection, in terms of Feng Shui.

Owl is a renowned symbol of wisdom & protection……

A bunch of bright colour blossoms, mainly blooming peonies for wealth & romance luck !

New Home ( 5 )

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 The dining section……

An ornamental stool & bright cushions to inject some funkiness……

A glass table panel for a touch of transparency.

A bench over the other side for a communal feel.

Chair with arm rest & back support for a sense of  hierarchy.

A cup of tea, anyone?

New Home ( 4 )

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The Foyer……

or shall I say my garage for bags?

I still have truck loads of bags to fill the space underneath this bento console table.

Some artificial flower craft to brighten up the entrance.

My kitchen, likely to be under utilized but seemingly I have most of the white ware……

Fancy coming over & help me make dinner ? ( I mean you do the cooking & washing, I will just enjoy your delicious meals )

New Home ( 3 )

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The living room……

The 46″ HD LED Smart TV, if only I am smart enough to utilize its full potential……

New Home ( 2 )

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Home sweet Home.

 The solid exterior, with rose bushes leading to the main entrance.

 The kitchen overlooking the front garden. Let’s hope that the flowers are going to bloom ……Green fingers apply within.

The side of the house, more lawn to mow……

The private lounge opening to the patio & back garden.

To be followed by the living quarter……