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Inspiration 76

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A very wearable palette saturated with wonderful browns & just a bright hint of yellow; A bold wash of turquoise compliments those neutrals perfectly.


Style Alert

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Loves Alexander McQueen’s clutch but not prepared to indulge yourself?  Check out Topshop’s version for at least 10 times cheaper the price……

Inspiration 60

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Taupe & gold with proper red.

Check out Joey’s amazing swatches of Topkapi & the taupes here.

It’s easy to be foxy, ladies……

The Topkapi Palace in Turkey…… inspiring the house of Chanel for its Topkapi palette?

Crimson Bird

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This McQueen rug will be great at the front door/foyer area; in Feng Shui, crimson bird is the celestial guardian of the front/facing direction.

Crimson bird is said to bring abundant opportunities. Place any feathered creature symbol in your facing direction to activate the beneficial crimson bird’s Qi.

Pity the background colour is in black, it would be more auspicious if it’s red.

I wouldn’t recommend skull patterns from Feng Shui point of view, but as a fashionista, I am always amused by McQueen’s skull print.


If you can’t afford the rug, the humming bird patterned cushion will do. ( Since you’re going to place in your lap or hugging it )

Inspiration 56

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 A modern day Victorian princess.

Keeps you eyes modest & speaks through your powerful rouge.

Mademoiselle Noir ( 2 )

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 Just a dash of bright red/pink/fuschia to accentuate those blacks; natural born Femme Fatale, effortlessly.

Photo from makeupandbeauty blog, you can read about Karen’s addiction here.

Pastels Perfect

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Its spring time and of course it’s all right to go pastels, as long as it’s pretty & innocent.

O.P.I.’s  Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides has some angelic pastel shades, my favourites are Mermaid’s Tears ( jade green ) & Stranger Tides ( murky green ).

The star product ? Of course it’ll be  the silver shatter top coat.