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Sekkisei Supreme Refining Lotion

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Endowed with only the finest natural Japanese and Chinese herbs, SEKKISEI SUPREME is the more than merely whitening / brightening as it goes beyond that and works on your overall well-being.

This range is launched in 2009. Its target consumers are those in their 30s, who find medicated sekkisei too harsh /stripping /irritating or sekkisei excellent too heavy /nourishing.


Sekkisei Supreme Refining Lotion comes in 2 formulations, I and II for different skin type, type I (moist) is for oily to combination skin, whereas type II (very moist) is for normal to dry skin. The consistency of this lotion is rather watery, semi-opaque in appearance, pleasantly fragranced with floral perfume, has less pungent alcoholic aroma when compared to original Sekkisei.

Sekkisei Supreme Refining Lotion I purifies skin to create a translucent and flawless complexion. Effectively prevents dullness and reinforces skin’s barrier function by suppressing skin inflammation. Skin is immensely hydrated, leaving it perfectly moist and radiant.


This supreme range promises to improve:

1) skin tone unity /evenness – by enhancing transparency & luminosity

2) epidermal hydration

3)  dermal circulation & skin architecture

4) general wellbeing -by aromatherapy

In addition to the usual angelica root & job’s tear seed extract, refining lotion also has Melothria, Chinese Indigo and Chinese Soapberry extracts to pamper and nourish skin for a velvety soft complexion.


Chanel 2009 Collection – Bird of Paradise

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A collection so fine that I demand Santa to put this under my Christmas tree!

Chanel Makeup Studio takes a flight of fantasy this holiday season, inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s fascination with the brilliant plumage of exotic birds. Their lush beauty is captured in an enchanting holiday collection with shades of flamingo pink and peacock blue — accented with shimmering tones of green-gold, copper, and teal.


I am mesmerised by this wonderful collection, while the rest of the industry are delivering deeper /darker/ mysterious shades, Chanel comes out with such playful shades!


I like the idea of wearing bright colours during these gloomy months, this could be the orthodox solution for seasonal affective disorder.

Bird of Paradise Eyeshadow Quad – Aqua, yellow, green-gold, copper ( Limited Edition ), enough said!


This highlighter is impeccably chic!

Shimmering Tweed Highlighter – 3 delicately ‘woven’ shades of shimmering colour for cheeks and décolleté. Gold, bronze and copper tones cast a natural luminous glow on skin. Remarkably CHANEL: imprinted surface inspired by the iconic tweed.


Professional Eyeliner Duo in Celadon-Lame; irresistible green-black pigments.

I will be in beauty paradise if I could get my hands on these limited edition pieces.

My Lips, only Better

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I am solely dependent on Bobbi Brown when i want my lips to look healthy & kissable.


My lips look au-naturelle yet sexy whenever i put on BB creamy lip colour in heather mauve ( medium mauve brown ). This innovative lipstick combines rich color, comfortable wear, and a soft, creamy shine.

Formulated with emollient Shea Butter and skin conditioners, it glides on smooth and leaves lips soft and moisturised.

The balmy texture feels exceptionally nourishing over bare lips. Although the colour is not long wearing, i really don’t mind reapplying this throughout the day.

I am planning to try other shades, rose garden ( rosy nude ) & rose bud ( warm brown ).

Barely Beige Babe

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Nude lips, especially those buttery soft tones are like plain old English tea to me – indispensable, basic, comforting.


The trick to wear nude /beige without looking “washed out” is to select the right undertone. I find blue / pink undertone most unforgiving; thus i always stick to those with mauve  or brownish hue.


I loves my Bobbi Brown Nude palette, unfortunately it was a limited edition item. It contains:

Bare, Beige, Brownie Pink & Cocoa lip colours – I mix & blend these, sometimes with concealers to achieve my perfectly customised barely there nude tones.

Buff  & Nude Shimmer Wash, Bare  & Naked eye shadows – great for subtle eye make over.

I also find beige lips with creamy /glossy finish more contemporary than those with matte or frosty  finish. I always couple barely there lips with a healthy flush of bronzer over the cheeks.

Medicated Sekkisei

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A popular skin whitening essence in Asia, launched in 1985, this little deep royal blue/ bright snow white bottle has been the  ultimate solution for women plagued by uneven skin tone, pigmentation problems.


Sekkisei, a medicinal lotion by Kose, claims to leave skin as white /clear / bright /pure as snow.

This ideology has become entrenched and the concept of ” The results = The Branding ” is born.

This invigorating lotion is extremely pleasant to be used sparingly ( if you could tolerate its alcoholic aroma, reminds me of sake ) .

It reinforces fresh moisture into skin and retexturise dry, flaky skin; It  removes dullness (mainly the old cornified layer ) from skin and imparts transparency to our skin surface.

Lipid-based cosmetic ingredients such as wheat germ oil and vitamin E acetate are added to serve as moisturisers.


This reputable lotion contains:

aqua, alcohol, glycerin, angelica root extract, job’s tear seed extract, glycyrrhiza, with hazel extract, melothria extract, tocopherol acetate, wheatgerm oil ……

You probably finds its ingredients are not that dissimilar to Albion’s skin conditioner.

However, Sekkisei has angelica root extract & melothria extract for skin brightening purposes; costs significantly less, ( unfortunately ) comes with a pungent alcoholic aroma.


I religiously use this as part of my paper mask regime, where i soak a cotton paper mask with this essence and applied it onto my face after Albion’s moisture milk. I then leave this graciously saturated ” treatment pack ” on for 15 minutes.

I also couldn’t stop myself from pouring this refreshing lotion all over my body, particularly during summer time, as a light & refreshing body moisturiser; I wouldn’t expect this to dramatically lighten or bleach my skin but i find it helps to even out my overall skin tone and makes small freckles less noticeable. It is also cooling and comforting enough to be applied on sunburned area.

I also find this essence indispensable in treating certain area where you wish the skin tone to be less pigmented, like underarms, nipples, areolar……


I had used up to 1/4 of my 500mls special edition Sekkisei; and i just ordered another 500mls bottle.

Holiday 2009 Wish List (2)

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Estee Lauder Double Wear Lipsticks


Long-lasting, luxurious colour for a perfect pout – sophisticated, long-wearing, ultra creamy lipsticks that delivers long-wearing, satin-like, stay-true color to lips.

I would like to try on stay mauve & stay ginger.


Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation


Mastering a new high-definition cosmetic textile, Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF 20 is a starlight proof, spotlight proof foundation that gives a luminous semi-matte finish that last all day.

A unique composition of highly selective ingredients that improve makeup hold yet procure an intense, fresh, lighter silk sensation and luminous matte finish.


The secret of Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF 20 lies in the special high-tech Microfil fine milling process that combines water essence, micronized optical effect particles, high tech fitting silk and micro blend luminous pigments.

The exclusive blend of extremely concentrated water essence (50%) has a smooth application. The soft focus, fine micronized spherical optical powder particles diffuse light to smooth and add transparency and luminosity to the skin’s surface.

It contains a new blend of fine high-impact pigments for a radiant, durable color.

The result is a barely perceivable seamless silk veil of infallible semi-matte color that dresses the skin’s contours to perfection.

I would love to test drive this legendary 14 hours wear foundation, which claims to offer medium to full coverage.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipsticks


Created by Shiseido’s head of makeup artistry, Dick Page, Perfect Rouge smooths and hydrates lips, claiming to improve the condition of dry or flaky lips over time.

The colours are rich in pigment and glide on smoothly, giving a creamy, luxurious finish that feels comfortable and lasts.


The formulation includes Shiseido’s proprietary Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, which contains an oil that blends well with water and which is said to seal moisture into the lips.

Dual-Optimizing Powder is designed to detect available light levels and adjust color accordingly, while translucent red pigment is said to reflect all light as red, adding depth to all of the lipstick colors. Also included: Shiseido’s new Satin Smooth Pearl, an ingredient said to contain uniform particle sizes — and thus, smoothness and luster to the lips.

I must try BE208 (Baby ) an RS711 ( Venetian Rose ).

Sekkisei Supreme Massage

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” Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest & prettiest  of all? “


Well, i enjoyed being pampered once in a while by a skilled beauty therapist. My skin glows after a good manual lymphatic drainage  & deep tissue stimulation. My contour is firmer and my complexion is rejuvenated  after a good massage.

My eternal dilemma is how could i afford such an indulgence on a regular basis, where to find a reputable facial therapist  and a superb message cream.

” Google, google  on the screen, which’s the best of all? “


I want my massage cream to be light in texture ( non occlusive / non greasy ), nourishing enough to replenish my neglected skin, stimulating enough to improved my sluggish circulation, yet soothing enough to relax my tensed spirit.

Too much to ask for in a beauty product?

SUQQU musculate massage comes close to my ideal cream for this purpose, if not due to its residual post manipulation.


I recent came across SEKKISEI SUPREME, this wonderful cream gel offers incredible slip for facial manipulation, yet feeling feather like on skin upon application and leaves virtually no residue. I do not have to rinse my face vigorously or wipe my face harshly after using it. I simply saturate a cotton pad with medicated sekkisei lotion and smooth it over my face.

OMG! Crystal clear complexion, skin illuminating with radiance before my very own eyes!

It’s that simple. I was speechless and could not stop admiring myself in front of the mirror, caressing my face, appreciating my new found veil perfected complexion.

I use this with SUQQU Gankin technique or Eve Lom’s 7 steps, depending on how much time i could spare to pamper myself.

This Sekkisei Supreme massage cream is wonderful; its greaseless ( glycerin, butylene glycol, cyclomethicone, meadowfoam seed oil ), hydrating & brightening ( ascorbyl glucoside ), enriched with herbal extracts ( angelica root, safflower, job’s tear, ma yuen seed, rosa multiflora fruit ) and subtly fragranced.

The stunning visual art used here is by Mark Ryden and the female artist featured is Nanako Matsushima.