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Shu Uemura Face Powder Sheer Perle

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An extremely fine, light as air, sheer loose powder that subtly illuminates your complexion.

I regard this as a versatile highlighter, as you could mix it with your moisturizer / foundation to create pearlescent potion or apply it directly for a marvelous sheen.

The glow this loose powder imparts is very refined & polished; Never hardcore. The finish resembles the radiance of a lustrous pearl rather than the glare of a glitter ball.

I believe Shu Uemura had discontinued this and re-incarnated it into a compact version. What a shame ! A pack of this magic dust could last a life time if you use it sparingly & wisely.


Les Tissages de Chanel Tweed Corail

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Right, this will probably be my first post that I am going to show you some FOTD ( Okay, you could jump to the next post if you don’t wanna get shocked by……my face, bare face, almost )

Well, the wonder product I am trying to demonstrate is Chanel’s Les Tissages in Tweed Corail.

Now, here’s the pics where I had just swept some tweed corail onto my just moisturized face sans foundation/concealer……

My apology for the dry patchy lips, but you get the ideal about the healthy flushes & radiant sheen Les Tissages creates ……

PS: These are taken on the day that I am having a flu/cold, where I am feeling lousy & yet my receptionist called me first thing in the morning to ask me to cover my colleagues sick leave.

So, with some help from my Estee Lauder Cyberwhite Brilliant Perfection Brightening compact foundation & a touch of Burberry Khaki Sheer Eyeshadow & Cinnamon Lip Mist, I managed to look human again, I think.

You probably know the hype about NARS Orgasms, I personally prefers Les Tissages de Chanel in Tweed Corail to NARS Orgasms as Tweed Corail imparts more vitality & natural yet incredible glow on my complexion; Without the orangey, metallic sheen of NARS Orgasms.

PS: That awful, stiff, almost fuzzy & harsh brush that comes with Les Tissages is actually GREAT at buffing off those excessive golden shimmers & depositing sufficient pigments in a single stroke. Only use this brush if you’re applying color straight to your cheek prior to any powder/compact application.


That’s my 1st Wonder Wednesday post , folks.