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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Les Verts & La Raffinee

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I must apologize that I had been cheating on Fashion & Beauty with furnitures, but the house does need some decorating……

Guerlain’s Ecrin 4 Couleurs  03 Les Verts, I like the combination of the understated taupes & refreshing greens.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet  34 La Raffinee, which turns out rather fuchsia on my lips.

The texture of rouge allure velvet is amazing to say the least. I think this is the best lipstick range ever launched in 2011.


Burberry Winter Storms

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I love Burberry’s smoky look, it’s pearl grey & midnight black eyeshadows are my A/W 2011 favorites.

L’Exquise + Night Sky

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When Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet L’Exquise meets Stila Natural Eyes palette.

L’Exquise  looks deceivingly  wine/burgundy but actually appears more brick reddish in real life.

The uber versatile Stila eye palette.

See what I mean L’Exquise is rather deceiving in the tube?

New Home ( 4 )

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The Foyer……

or shall I say my garage for bags?

I still have truck loads of bags to fill the space underneath this bento console table.

Some artificial flower craft to brighten up the entrance.

My kitchen, likely to be under utilized but seemingly I have most of the white ware……

Fancy coming over & help me make dinner ? ( I mean you do the cooking & washing, I will just enjoy your delicious meals )

New Home ( 3 )

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The living room……

The 46″ HD LED Smart TV, if only I am smart enough to utilize its full potential……

New Home ( 2 )

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Home sweet Home.

 The solid exterior, with rose bushes leading to the main entrance.

 The kitchen overlooking the front garden. Let’s hope that the flowers are going to bloom ……Green fingers apply within.

The side of the house, more lawn to mow……

The private lounge opening to the patio & back garden.

To be followed by the living quarter……



Kate Somerville @ SkinStore

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I have been KS-ed. Thanks to Shop50 promotion; $50 off for every $200 purchase.

I had bought 2 of its discovery kit, both at promotional/value price, and still managed to use my coupon code, love you Kate & Skinstore……