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Inspiration 76

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A very wearable palette saturated with wonderful browns & just a bright hint of yellow; A bold wash of turquoise compliments those neutrals perfectly.


Inspiration 75

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This is an interesting & collectible item from Dior’s collection, in collaboration with Anselm Reyle.

Belle de Nuit

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 Mischievous seductress

Inspiration 65

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Sculpted,sultry & sophisticated.

Minimalist approach when the skin is well primed & prepared.

Strong & Playful

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 Summer, the season for joy & holiday. Have a spectacular fling with colours.


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 Fashion may comes & goes, Style is forever; so as Elegance & Glamour……

 Whether you prefer sparkly glamour or understated chic,


 A classy handbag & proper shoes will make you look like a Princess.


Don’t go overboard with your makeup, a Princess should appears polished & refined, not made up. Think about porcelain skin with subtle flushes & mesmerising eyes.

What would better fit a Princess’s beauty need for ultimate glamour & sophistication, other than La Praire’s cellular treatment makeup that infuses the complexion with skin caring properties. Not to mention those incredibly wearable shades & utterly classy packaging.

Pretty Powerful

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Inspired by Joey’s red carpet look, here

Stylishly serious jacket with sultry dress & sandals – A hybrid so immaculate yet casual. Wear this with crazy, loud, bright, vivid lips & nails for maximum impact.