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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Coming in April 2011

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LPB is going to write about something outside his ” comfort zone “, such as ……

1) Humour / Thought of the day

2) Interior Decoration & Feng Shui

3) Sacred Rituals

4) Design & Technology

So, I am going for world domination & cult mentoring, watch out !

Don’t worry ! Makeup warfare with gunpowder ( loose, pressed, compact etc. ), lipstick missile, mascara bayonet & fragrance grenade will still be heavily featured.


Alternative Beaute

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While you may think that exaggerated gothic makeup is great for Halloween ……

Extreme tattoo is quite a fashion sensation – Only applies if you’re a male model.

Who said life is fair ? Equalities among the sexes ?

Find me an honest politician or a democratic dictator, then we’ll discuss the issues mentioned.

Inspiration 49

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Leather & suede outfits with earthy beige makeup – Sheer sophistication !

Burberry eyeshadow such as Trench, Rosewood, Khaki & Taupe Brown are lovely neutrals that should be in everyones makeup bag.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel

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Essential skin care for radiant young skin. This foaming cleansing gel delivers perfect cleansing to ensure healthy, luminous skin.

The creamy foam eliminates impurities and make-up and protects even the most delicate skin. Its gentle cleansing base also neutralises the effects of hard water. Skin is cleansed and fresh-looking to ensure a bright, luminous complexion.

This glycerin enriched cleanser contains saponaria extract to gently eliminate impurities & moringa extract to help neutralise the effects of pollution. It aims to double up as a makeup remover & spot-minimiser ( It contains a minute amount of salicylic acid, after parfum on the ingredients list, so as other plant extracts ).

I like this superbly foamy cleanser; It comes in a 75ml plastic tube ( handy for travel ) and is dirt cheap ( consider this is from Clarins ). Daily energizer cleansing gel has a fruity floral aroma, foams up densely & rinsed off easily; Leaving my skin soft, smooth and yes, refreshed & energised.

A great daily cleanser for all skin types & is suitable for light make up removal. If you like cleansing with water, you will like this.

Tiffany Etoile Ring

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This Etoile ring with diamonds is going to get me eating dust for the next few months…… ( Pardon me if I couldn’t afford to try out those expensive skin creams & exclusive, limited edition palettes anymore )

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Bath Collection

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Neroli Portofino, originally created by Tom Ford for his exclusive Private Blend fragrance collection.

This luxury scent includes fresh and sparkling aromatic citruses notes ( bergamot & mandarin orange ) blended with intense floral notes of orange blossom. Neroli Portofino also has a very ” warm ” and tempting side thanks to the sensuous essences of amber and vanilla, thus making this fragrance crisp, effervescent yet sultry & elegant.

Thank God, Neroli Portofino isn’t only a luxury eau de parfum any more ! Tom Ford had in fact launched a new collection of body products for its NP fans; This new bath collection is the most exquisite one could hope for. It includes bath soap (£25), body oil (£45) & etc.

This spring 2011 must have  range is previewing at Selfridges from 28 March.

I am so picking up this bottle of body oil. Such a great way to tan myself under the Barbados sun ( Okay, the travel plan may not be true, but this collection is utterly luxurious )

Grandiose Print

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Majestic prints in bold hues for Spring 2011.

Perfect match with wild pink & bold orange lips.

Mary Katrantzou is definitely a name worth remembering, such a talented designer. LPB predicts that MK will be HUGE.

Try tamer lilacs & berries if you’re less adventurous.