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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Chantecaille Fall 2010

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Given my recent addiction with lip chic, I can’t wait to try the new shade Anais. Also I am lured by the La Baleine Set ( not new but gorgeous ).


LPB July 2010 Favourites

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These are my rescue remedies this month, as I was having a bad cold and dare I say, I was looking ghastly and had to rely on these miracle products in order not to scare people away.

Eve Lom cleanser‘s astringency aroma is great at clearing congested skin & sinuses as well, the massaging action and muslin cloth help boost sluggish circulation. Shiseido Revital cleansing foam is mild & gentle, it also contains hyaluronic acid granules to replenish my patchy skin during washing.

Sisley Express Flower Gel & Eye Contour Mask are lifesavers; absolutely stunning  at rehydrating, refreshing, decongesting, lifting & brightening complexion. These should be on prescription!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair needs no introduction, great at repairing & boosting skin. SK II Cellumination Deep Surge & Skin Signature provide the much needed illumination, nourishment & vitality to my swallow complexion.

Frizzy hair was kept under control with Moroccanoil treatment.

Sometimes, an infirm will be desperate for a magical wand to rid of all his suffering & misery. Well, my pray was partially answered. Those amazing pens ( By Terry VIP Expert Foundation & Touche Veloutee ) work wonders on my complexion – a well rested, radiant complexion was granted instantly.

I used Chantecaille Lip Chic, M.A.C Stereo Rose & Shiseido Luminizing Satin eyeshadow to add some colour back to my washed out face /soul.

I might be coughing & sneezing, but I need to smell fabulous. Acqua Di Parma Magnolia Nobile is my favourite of the month.

Guerlain Shalimar

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Originally created by Jacques Guerlain in 1921 as a classic soft amber (oriental) parfum.

Inspired by the love of an Indian Emperor for his magnificent wife, Mumtaz-Mahal – for whom the Taj Mahal was built – Shalimar is named after “The Gardens of Shalimar,” where their love grew. Shalimar means the ‘Temple (or abode) of Love’ in Sanskrit.

It was then re-released in 1925 in a bottle designed by Raymond Guerlain and made by Cristalleries de Baccarat and launched at the Decorative Arts Exhibition as an antidote against The Great Depression.

A subtle mix of flowers and sensual amber-woody accents, Shalimar has become the eternal essence of love and radiant femininity. A deliciously fresh flight becomes hazy and sensual when the vanilla and powdery notes of its sweet, sensual base are discovered.


Bergamot, Lemon, Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Incense, Opopanax, Tonka Bean, Vanilla.

Wildly Guerlain, marvelously classic, it continues to fascinate young women just as it conquered every generation that came before.

The top notes are light, invigorating blend of bergamot and citrus, but after a short time the rich heart notes of sweet myrrh and florals come through. Later, the base notes of vanilla and musk deepen the experience, giving an animalic sensuality.

My first ever Guerlain perfume, I was so fascinated & intoxicated by this when I treated myself a bottle, with my first pay cheque, years ago – grown up, nostalgic, prudish yet dangerously animalistic perfume for me.

I am rather drawn to vanilla scent ( remember vanilla coke? I am a sucker for this ). It makes me feel coy, comfortable yet sultry & sensuous.

Check out Jade’s guide on ” Perfume – How to test/choose ” on Very insightful indeed.

By Terry Touche Veloutee

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This multi-perfecting, anti-dark circle brush provides high coverage correction for an astonishingly natural, anti-blemish camouflage.

It brightens dark circles, camouflages blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines and instantly illuminates the eye contour area with brilliant radiance. Its elastic powdery texture glides over the skin and guarantees a matte, crease-free result.

An ultra-smoothing, anti-dullness solution:

– 6 ultra high-performance phyto-active ingredients combined with Soft-Focus Powders conceal dark shadows, disguise puffiness and fade away the marks of tiredness while protecting the delicate eye contour area.

– 5 matte reflective prisms with an optical lifting effect combined with hydra-plumping microspheres fill in wrinkles and fine lines and camouflage dark spots, redness and imperfections under a long-hold fine film cover.

Think lightweight base combined with concealer, combined with radiance booster – and you have this brilliant, instant all-over skin transformer. Needless to say, It’s my holygrail concealer – diminishing dark shadows, smoothing out & plumping up fine lines. By Terry Touche Veloutee makes my eyes sparkle with radiance & vitality.

By Terry VIP Expert Liquid Foundation

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I guess it’s about time I reveal my  holygrail foundation, especially I had tested this on my sallow, lifeless skin during my recent cold/flu like illness. This miracle pen salvages my complexion & reputation ( yeah, I couldn’t bear the thought of appearing sicker than my patients ).

You probably know how much I love Yves Saint Laurent Teint Resist, this By Terry VIP Expert is merely better in the sense that it illuminates the skin within a few strokes, has a lighter finish yet some how manage to keep my skin looks immaculately revived & impeccably perfected.

More than a makeup brand, By Terry is the signature and style of a new modern woman. Terry de Gunzburg revolutionizes beauty attitudes by creating innovative and legendary products with cutting-edge formulas ( She’s the mother of YSL Touche Eclat! ). Today, By Terry continues its cutting edge vision in beauty introducing VIP Expert, a makeup line using the highest protective ingredients from botanical extracts, the latest technology, ultra-rare pigments and textures, and packaged in futuristic “click” pens—perfect for the modern woman on the go.

“I have discovered the quintessence of perfect light in the rarest pigments and the purest active ingredients to create modern, precious makeup that moves with the daily rhythm of your own radiance.” – Terry de Gunzburg

An anti-blemish, anti-dullness, anti-shadow foundation, this ingenious brush, christened the foundation & guarantees flawless skin with every stroke! With a click, the brush delivers featherlight foundation for virtually imperceptible yet totally deceptive coverage.

An intelligent, practical and easy-to-apply product for immediate luminosity!

This genius foundation brush sweeps away imperfections, dull skin, and shadows to reveal a flawless complexion. With its hydra-smoothing hyaluronic acid microspheres that blend into the skin tissues, this skin-plumper targets hollow areas (expression lines, crow’s feet, creases, etc.) and expands with water to recreate volume; Wrinkles and fine lines are filled out and adjacent tissues are plumped up for an immediate lifting effect.

The unrivalled soft-focus complex, composed of 5 specific corrective prisms, relaxes the features leaving no room for imperfections.

This youth catalyst is also intensely protective as it’s composed of 7 anti-aging substances which defy time. Phytosterols, phytosteroids, ursolic acid, isoflavones, policosanols, pro-vitamin A, vitamin E form a rejuvenating catalyst providing long-term protection and rejuvenation.

My verdict? The best sheer foundation; Instant perfection & gratification; It’s Touche Eclat for the face, delivering that incredible ” my skin but better ” finish. My holygrail  foundation for weightless, daily wear. By Terry VIP Expert 05 in Vanilla Light matches my M.A.C NC25 skin tone perfectly.

Terry de Gunzburg is the Master of Light & Illumination.

Prada Infusion de Tubereuse

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An unexpected mix of tuberose from India, petitgrain bigarade, blood orange from Italy, and luxurious dynamone combine to create Infusion de Tubereuse—a delicate impression of this traditional scent.

A playful tuberose mosaic inspired by an archive Prada print adorns the outer packaging, its charming naivety a reminder of the playfulness within. Instead of green, the leaves appear to have been dipped in a degrade mauve ink.

Tuberose from India: Tuberose is a symbol for creation – intoxicating and penetrating. In Infusion de Tubéreuse, the flowers are delicate and young, like morning buds not yet touched by the sun.

Petitgrain Bigarade: Made from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, petitgrain bigarade is reminiscent of fresh green leaves after the rain.

Blood Orange from Italy: Juicy citrus notes of blood orange from Italy are blended with precision to give a sparkling freshness to the tuberose.

Dynamone: A rare and luxurious ingredient in perfumery, dynamone brings sensuality to Infusion de Tubéreuse. Its woody notes bring the citrus and floral notes into harmony, enabling this fantasy infusion.

The creator of the fragrance perfumer Daniela Andrier said that “Infusion de Tubéreuse uses the fresh green buds of tuberose, rather than the very sweet lactonique mature petals,”

Andrier said that “The idea of Infusion is almost as an imprint of the chosen material in water, a kind of watercolor fragrance reworked with colorful pastel crayon.”

I adore Fracas Tuberose – the heady, sweet & sexy sillage is beyond description. Whereas Prada version is …… well, I choked and felt nauseated when I tried this in store.

Lancome French Coquettes 2010 Fall Collection

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This Fall, Lancôme is paying tributes to the roaring decade of the ’20’s, with a makeup collection designed by artistic director Aaron De Mey that is features burned plums, metallic charcoals and elegant nudes straight out of the gilded age.

” The collection, French Coquettes, captures the spirit of the modern woman at the start of the 20th century; A collection that reflects the hallmarks of French glamour; From the opulence of the Belle Époque to the bohemian decadence of Montmartre. “

I am not too sure about the star product La Rose Deco, It nicely patterned. and seems versatile enough to be used as a blusher / highlighter / sculptor.

La Rose Déco – an all-over powder that gives a subtle shine, with its mix between shaded tones of rosewood and a touch of pink glow. For a blush result, apply with powder brush only on the rose’s heart. Use the darkest shade of this universal powder to sculpt the face, and the lightest one to highlight the complexion.

Ombre Magnétique – eye shadow inspired by minerals and their infinite nuances of iridescent light. Lancôme calls this product the new generation of ultra-sparkling eye shadows. Ombre Magnétique opens a new horizon of light-catching colors and twinkling effects. The innovative texture is extremely long-wearing due to the type of polymers used. It is also easy to apply and doesn’t crease. The amount of mother-of-pearl makes the colors more intense than ever. The shadow is available in Urban Silver, Black Macadam and Cherry Chérie.

I loves the smoky, sparkly, sultry finishes, so ombre magnetique in Urban Silver & Cherry Cherie are my must buy. I want to try using Cherry Cherie on my lips, it’s such an extraordinary shade.

Color Design Eye Shadow Quad in French Touch – This sleek palette features four spectacular eye shadows to color, contour, highlight and line the eyes. Design the looks you want for any occasion.  Sensational effects and multi-finishes. Micro-aired powder formula offers supreme smoothness and blendability with long wear.

Definitely a collection for fabulous flappies !