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Estee Lauder Perfectionist [CP+R] Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum

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This powerful anti-wrinkle serum is proven to significantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with exceptional speed.

Supercharge the look of your skin.
Fast. Effective. With innovative CPR-75 Technology.

Instantly, Skin feels smooth, looks fresher, younger. 78% of women said it immediately smoothed the look of their lines and wrinkles.

Dramatic. Advanced.
CPR-75 Technology-helps Correct, Prevent and Reduce the look of serious lines and wrinkles.

Groundbreaking CPR-75 Technology addresses the look of lines and wrinkles due to its powerful composition of:

Artemia Extract: a zooplankton that is obtained via marine biotechnology and helps recharge skin’s natural energy.
Advanced Restructuring Protein: an advanced protein extracted from Whey that helps skin maximize its natural production of collagen and fibronectin.
Chlorella Vulgaris Extract: an extract of micro-algae that helps recharge skin’s natural cellular energy and supports optimal production of structural proteins.

NEW Perfectionist [CP+R] also includes:

Flexible Elastomer Technology: a technology that acts almost like a ‘ liquid bandage ’ to instantly fill-in and virtually “ immobilize ” the look of wrinkles. This technology helps reduce the depth and appearance of wrinkles by minimizing the stress and strain of daily movement.
Light Diffusion Optics: formulated for a broad range of skintones, these optics immediately diffuse and scatter light, blurring the look of lines and wrinkles. They also help neutralize sallowness, dark spots and discolorations, so that skin looks brighter, clearer and younger.
Wrinkle Lift Restructuring Peptides: a blend of peptides, proteins and amino acids, which in vitro testing shows, rapidly begins to amplify skin’s collagen and elastin production.

These powerful technologies and ingredients work synergistically to supercharge skin for a less lined, youthful look and help fight the future appearance of lines and wrinkles.

CP+R helps create a virtual “force field” against lines and wrinkles by supercharging your skin’s natural collagen-building power. It supports skin’s natural production of critical support proteins – Collagen, Laminin and Fibronectin – that give it the structure and strength to help fight the look of lines and wrinkles.

Day 1
• Instantly, the look of lines and wrinkles is reduced by 37%. Skin feels smooth, looks brighter, fresher and more plumped.
• In just 2 hours, Wrinkle Lift Restructuring Peptides™ kick-start natural collagen production, beginning the repair of the look of wrinkles from within, for younger looking skin.
Week 1
• CPR-75 Technology reinforces skin’s natural support structure and boosts collagen by an unprecedented 257% and fibronectin by 133% – establishing a new Estée Lauder scientific benchmark. Prominent wrinkles begin to look lifted away, a new level of skin perfection emerges and skin’s density is significantly improved with a younger, firmer and more lifted look.
Month 1
• In clinical testing, 96% of women showed a reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles. Skin reaches its full potential, reclaiming a firmer, re-densified look with new found suppleness and youthful buoyancy. Skin’s natural support structure is also fortified to help fight the look of future lines and wrinkles.

This is my favorite serum of the year. It primes & perfects my complexion like magic; Unlike its predecessor, CP+R doesn’t roll & peel when you apply liquid foundation following it. I find it actually helps to keep my skin matt. My complexion appears smoother, refined & revitalized.

Its benefits are more than skin deep, as I would like to testify. My fine lines are actually less noticeable & my skin feels plumper & firmer after 4 weeks of consecutive use. ( Yes, a huge commitment for a beauty junkie like myself, but when it works wonder, you simply can’t help! )

CP+R does to your skin what CPR does to cardiac arrest casualty. R for resuscitation, and dare I say resurrection?


Skin Essentials & Make Up Tricks for 40+

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While you wouldn’t expect to have the peachiness of youth at 40-something, you can still have lovely skin.

The big change is likely to be the breakdown of collagen, with a loss of elasticity. Sun damage in the form of brown spots and patches may appear, though less so if you’ve been vigilant with your suncare.

Skin Care

The key products are a creamy cleanser, gentle facial scrub, non-drying skin toner, day moisturiser, night cream and oil or serum, face mask, plus a multipurpose balm for lips, cuticles and the rest!

Moisturise as much as you can. Face, neck and cleavage in the morning and top to toe at night or after bathing.  A serum is a must to supplement & augment your moisturiser. LPB would recommend products that loaded with antioxidants, retinol, fruit acids & essential fatty acids. You will be spoilt with choices, from Neutrogena to N.V Perricones. My favourites are Dr Sebagh’s High Maintenance, Trilogy’s Age Proof & Elemis’s Pro-collagen range

I also like to use Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist as a serum / primer.

I love rosehip seed, borage seed, passionflower seed, camellia oils, with argan oil being my favourite. There is evidence that botanicals can be as effective as high-tech ‘anti-ageing’ synthetic compounds, sometimes more so.

Gently exfoliate at least once a day with a soft face cloth. Use a more intensive exfoliating treatment once a week. Choose a type with smooth, spherical beads that buff wouldn’t scratch. Manual scrubbing will enhances the sluggish circulation.

Never under estimate the power of massage, this can helps to tone & perk up your facial musculature. I would recommend using essential oils from reputable manufacturers such as Aromatherapy Associates,  Amanda Lacey, Caudalie & Darphin.

If thread veins and broken capillaries are a problem, go to a dermatologist or specialist vein clinic. The only effective method of removal I have found is laser therapy.

Stress can affects collagen production, as does lack of sleep, so find ways to relax, such as yoga and meditation, and balance these with exercise you enjoy, which can be as simple as a walking.


I would recommend foundations that are sheer and moisturising; Forget about matte finish foundations that tend to accentuate flakiness or fine lines; Also beware of opaque, full coverage bases as these will age you more. Estée Lauder’s Futurist Age-Resisting or Re-Nutrix range is a good choice, so as NARS’s Sheer Glow, Lancome’s Photogenic range. Dewy finish is the key word here.

Make-up artist Bobbi Brown has a silky shimmer blush that looks fresh and natural; At 40s, you need some radiance to give your complexion a lift but beware of glitters that might lodge into your dilated pores. I like NARS Multiples for cheeks and eyes; the naughtily named Orgasm shade gives skin a fabulous glow.

For eyelids, I like beige and earthy tones ( Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier has a great palette ), plus a thin trace of gel eyeliner ( M.A.C. or Bobbi Brown ) over the upper lid line only. Apply the thin line close to your lashes with a thin, stiff brush. I find that rimming your eyes completely ( full lower lash lining ) at 40s seems to accentuate the lost of tone around your eyes.

To help define your complexion, contour / sculpt the cheekbones after ” popping ” the apples of your cheek with a rosier /pinkier  blush ( cream blusher preferred ). I would recommend a cream bronzer such as NARS’s Multiples ( Malibu, Malaysia ) or By Terry’s liquid bronzer.

Barbara Daly advises using a lipliner pencil to create a crisp outline which looks youthful, but it must be in a natural colour – a dark line round paler lips is very ageing. I personally think a nude / pale/ beige lip colour is extremely ageing in your 40s. Perhaps you should be more adventurous as you are wittier, more resourceful, confident & charismatic by now, after what you have been through in life.

Artwork by Matt Armstrong.