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Foundation (cream ) & concealer by Cle de Peau, without any primer or loose powder.

Cheek colour by SUQQU – Mukage

Eyes by Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette – Pink Chandelier over lower lash line, Stone over upper lash line and Champagne Truffle over upper lid folds.

Pictures above taken outdoor with natural daylight on a cloudy day, lips by Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 68 Candeur.


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, Again

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Rouge Coco Shine will be officially launched in most parts of the world this week ( Boy was a teaser this Valentine in most countries ); So, here’s the most talk about  lipsticks this spring 2011 by Chanel. For some reasons, the entire collection is already available in NZ since March.

Shades description as below:

Chance ( Powder pink ), Romance ( Bright pink ), Aventure ( Shimmery pink ), Evasion ( Sheer rose ), Boy ( Natural rose ), Liberte ( Sheer apricot ), Sari d’Eau ( Shimmery coral  ), Rebelle ( Orange red ), Monte-Carlo ( Pink red ), Fetiche ( Rose ), Elise ( Berry rose ), Unique ( Sparkly plum ), Bonheur ( Berry plum ), Canotier ( Pearl nude beige ), Biarritz ( Copper beige ), Deauville ( Delicate nude  ), Beli-Ami ( Plum brown ), Cavaliere ( Shimmery brown )

The hype is probably going to continue for a while.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget the equally gorgeous Rouge Coco, which is more pigmented & opaque. Shown here is Rivoli on Anne.

Dior Addict Iconic Lipstick

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With my recent review & comparison of Dior Addict Iconic versus Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, I have to admit that I do prefer Coco Shine; Nonetheless, Dior Addict Iconic lipstick is still an adorable range. You will be spoilt by the enormous shade selection……

…… and its chic packaging

3 shades in the collection are said to represent 3 sides of Kate Moss: Diorkiss, embodies the “ Rock Icon ” style of skyscraper heels, oversized sunglasses and sexy jewelry; The “ Doll Icon ” style is represented by Beige Casual, the perfect nude to mix with pearls and a light pink Lady Dior, while Red Carpet speak for the bold, “ Glam Icon ”.

The first ever Dior makeup product was a lipstick, which extended the Dior universe by adding a final touch of colour to a look.  Simple, audacious and ultra-feminine, colourful lips have since become a Dior trademark.

The new Dior Addict lipstick allows for a simple shine with high impact, coat after coat. Encased in a silver base overlaid with a gleaming transparent case, this wonderful lipstick features a completely new, sensorial formula providing vibrant colour and shine.

The light melting texture is sensual in application, with 25% less wax than a classic lipstick; It contains a “Mirror Shine” gel, giving a sheen and transparency and ultra hydration to your lips that come in a runway collection of 44 shades. The key ingredient, Mirror Jelly, brings shine, volume and hydration to the lips. This unique ingredient is made up of two components: polymers that provide a long-lasting, second-skin effect with exceptional hydrating and softening properties and silicone oil, which creates a light, smooth texture.

This lovely limited edition T shirt was featured in Sandra Bauknecht’s blog. John Galliano has drawn a portrait of his muse, Kate Moss, on a limited series, collector’s edition T-shirt, designed exclusively for the launch of the Dior Addict lipstick. Lucky her !

Here is my swatch of Dior Addict Vintage ( on left ) against Chanel Coco Shine Deauville (on right ). I am sure I will treat myself more with Dior Addict Iconic, especially when I need something more opaque & creamy.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

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Swatches of the shades I owned. ( for the time being )

Rouge Coco Shine in Boy, Deauville, Aventure & Liberte. ( From left to right ); Each shade was swatched heavily. ( 5 strokes )

Another photo of these lovely shades under midday sun, can you see how crystal shine are these little numbers ? Looks fresh, glossy & sparkly !

Coco Shine Versus Dior Addict

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The house of Chanel & Dior are launching their newest lipsticks around the same time; Both Coco Shine & Dior Addict Vibrant Colour Spectacular Shine promise luscious, soft, kissable lips upon application !

Would you like to know which one is more superior? According to LPB ……

For comparison, I tested Coco Shine Deauville & Dior Addict Vintage on my lips ( Both worn separately for a day, on a normal working day ); These 2 shades are kind of similar ( inside tube & on hand swatching ) but not exactly identical.

Shades selection : Dior Addict > Coco Shine ( Only 18 )

Pigmentation : Dior Addict, despite its name, definitely has more opacity & coverage; Coco Shine stays true to its sheer, brilliance self with more tinted finish

Price : Coco Shine > Dior Addict, what would you expect? And by the way, you’re going to pay whatever ridiculous amount Chanel is asking for anyway.

Size : Dior Addict 3.5g; Coco Shine 3.0g. Some like it big, some like it small.

Fragrance : Coco Shine smells faintly of roses while I couldn’t detect any aroma on Dior Addict.

Texture : Coco Shine feels balmy & hydrating, like a silky oil upon contact with lips; Dior Addict has a velvety, dense creamy consistency.

Hydrating capability : Coco Shine leaves my lips well moisturised, while Dior Addict has a non drying, matte finish.

Radiance : Coco Shine has a non gloppy, glossy shine while Dior Addict finishes with a rather semi-dewy effect.

Staying power : Dior Addict outlasted Coco Shine by about 2 hours.

Transfer factor : Dior Addict leaves a more noticeable imprint over mug/clothing/skin – But I strongly believe that this is due to its denser pigmentation, hence more noticeable; Coco Shine on the other hand, is more smudge-able due to its liquifying texture.

So, The winner is ……

Chanel Coco Shine, this time. I think Dior Addict is a great lipstick, but it doesn’t live up to its name ! I mean, if one put ” Vibrant Colour Spectacular Shine ” on the name, I would expect these claims to be delivered.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, Boy

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Chanel had released a limited-time preview of their much anticipated, new lipstick collection Rouge Coco Shine, in the form of  “ Boy ”. This delicate rosewood shade, named after Coco Chanel’s love Arthur Capel is available in certain departmental store prior to Valentine’s Day. ( I got mine in Malaysia, during Chinese New Year holiday )

Arthur “Boy” Capel was the love of Coco Chanel. It was his influence that encouraged her first venture into hat-making and it was her romance with Boy Capel that inspired her to draw a masculine energy into her constantly evolving wardrobe.  She borrowed his pajamas, jackets and straw boaters, and made them her own.

A hydrating, sheer rose lipstick with a glossy pearl finish & extremely slight shimmer. It’s extremely moisturising & feels comfortably balmy upon application, with a faint rose fragrance.

Rouge Coco Shine gives my lips a tint of pinkish rosewood, with enough glossiness to plump up those fine dry lines. It’s like a glossy lipstick without the tackiness of a gloss & the opacity of a traditional lipstick. I regard this as a pigmented lip balm that gives just enough tint to make lips looks polished.

Rouge Coco Shine wears for about an hour or two on my lips.

Suitable for everyday wear, universally flattering; There’re lots of MLBB lippies around, but only Chanel Coco Shine Boy delivers an augmentation to your lips, to the next level of perfection!

I can foresee myself loading up on other shades when the range is launched, meanwhile, some lipsticks porn……

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

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If you only buy 1 lipstick this Spring 2011, make Rouge Coco Shine – Boy your only one. LPB predicts this to be the greatest IT lipstick of the year.

Rouge Coco Shine has 25 semi-sheer shades, with a soft texture that becomes fluid on contact with the lips; Made from wax and plant-based Phytosterol derivatives, Rouge Coco Shine gives a subtle colour.

The 25 shade names were inspired by Coco Chanel’s history. The signature shade is dubbed Boy, and is an easy-to-wear rosewood. The reference is to the affair between Gabrielle Chanel and Capt Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel.