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New Home ( 7 )

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My second bedroom, my sanctuary……

A bejeweled Medicine Buddha residing in the recess of my head board for a sense of serenity & activation of benevolent, healing Qi.

Some decorative accents……

A black crystal lamp base with metallic silver fan patterned shade.  The reflective fan patterns are believed to dispel all Shar Qi.

 I am grateful to be able to utilize this room for my retreat & relaxation.


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  1. Happy New Year David!!
    How’s everything coming along?
    Loving everything you have in this post =)

    • Happy New Year Joey. Still busy with my new house, and garden. I was busy deciding which plants to be planted in my garden. Magnolia, gardenia , jasmine……

      • That’s a lot to think about!!
        No matter which, I am sure it will look, feel and smell great =)

      • Fresh Gardenia smells intoxication, nothing synthetic could mimic it, including those so called gardenia scented perfume. I am waiting for the magnolia, osmanthus & camellia to bloom……

  2. You have a beautiful home, happy Lunar new year!


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