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Viva Glam@Rue de Sevres

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 A neutral, plain Jane look with Rue de Sevres, Douceur & Viva Glam II.

Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs Rue de Sevres – gorgeously packaged rosewood palette with a minty highlighter, a nice neutral, earthy tones palette.

NARS Douceur – dusky pink blusher with warm brownish undertone that suits all skin tones; Extremely versatile, absolutely essential!

M.A.C. Viva Glam II – pinkish nude satin lipstick that can be too mute & beige for your liking.

 I had used the 3 lighter, brownish shades from Rue de Sevres on the lids without any eye liner.

I think Viva Glam II washed my complexion out a bit in real life, but it seems all right in those photos above. Hence, some indoor photos of me without Viva Glam II for your comparison.


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  1. I love this look on you =)
    Although it’s muted and plain, there’s something in it – I love how your clothes compliment your look!!

    • Thanks Joey. Have you explore C.O.S collection? It a high street brand in UK, I personally think it’s a better quality brand as compared to H&M or Topshop; Although not as trendy, but the pieces are great for daily wear.


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