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La Mer The Whitening Essence Intense

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The 1st post for VimS’s new feature – Treatment Thursday. I will post the reviews of treatment products worth featuring in great details here on a Thursday.

A unique product featuring La Mer legendary Miracle Broth ™, capturing the essence of the unique Smoothing Ferment ™, powerful Triple Whitening Trio ™ and the innovative Youth Ferment ™ – specially formulated for Asian skin to help lift away all veils of discoloration, infuse skin with hydration and visibly firm & define contour.

It’s an all-in-one whitening, moisturizing and anti-ageing product. This powerhouse serum corrects and unifies uneven skin tone from its innermost layers to create a luminous skin & unprecedented radiant glow. It also helps to lighten pigmentation and minimize pores for a smooth, flawless complexion.

La Mer harnessed the healing and transformative powers of the deep sea to create a lightweight and easy-to-apply formula that does more than the generic skin whitening – “ Our scientists have discovered that we cannot achieve the spotless luminosity of youthful-looking skin by targeting pigmentation alone, ”  “ We must also address the multiple veils of discoloration, dryness, and skin sagging as well. “

This pioneering trident approach to skin whitening leads to the combination of La Mer’s legendary Miracle Broth with the exclusive Smoothing Ferment, the ultra-potent Whitening Trio, and the innovative Youth Ferment into a miracle product.

Skin discoloration has 3 components – Gray spots due to rough and dull skin as well as enlarged pores; Inflammation and skin sensitivity due to environmental irritants bring about redness; Brown spots caused by aging and melasma. Each of these discolorations is targeted by the powerful healing components of The Whitening Essence Intense.

The Smoothing Ferment, charged in part by an active brown algae called Laminaria Saccharina, speeds up the skin’s natural exfoliation process to help lift off that gray dullness that lends a tired and rough outlook to the face; Skin is left looking clearer & more refined, with less visible pores.

To combat redness, the healing properties of the seaborne elixir Miracle Broth is further enhanced by the anti-oxidant properties of lime tea extract, which soothes the skin from irritants and protects it from future signs of irritation.

For those stubborn brown spots, the Whitening Trio formula helps dissolve dense melanin clusters. This trio formula, a combination of the White Nutrient Ferment, Concentrated Vibra White Ferment & Concentrated White Algae Ferment, works in synergy with the Miracle Broth to inhibit the excess production of melanin and to intercept the skin’s multiple melanin pathways, preventing future discoloration.

Once discoloration has been lifted to reveal the purer, brighter skin underneath, The Whitening Essence Intense then works to hydrate the skin, once again with La Mer’s signature Miracle Broth.

Dryness in the skin is alleviated by hyaluronic acid. The Whitening Essence Intense also firms the complexion up with the potent powers of the Youth Ferment & Miracle Broth. These ferments boost collagen production of the skin, thus facial contours appear firmer and more defined.

Light-catching optics in the serum also create an illuminating white halo effect on the skin, achieving the ” white diamond skin ” effect.

Tempted? You should be.

Let me tell you how I got hooked onto this wonderful product. I was trying this out in duty free before my painstaking long haul flight ( yeah, almost 24 hours ) ……

I was totally amazed by the refreshing texture &  hydrating properties of Whitening Essence Intense. My skin felt so nourished & revitalized upon application, and the surprise continues. This serum was absorbed immediately, leaving a smoothed, refined & semi-matt yet luminous finish behind. It was love at first sight, but the almost £200 price tag had me hesitating.

Fast forward 24 hours – with a transit, a shower & a re-application ( Blanc de La Mer range is widely available in Asian’s Duty Free ), my complexion remains soothed, plumped & radiant, despite the jet lag & hostile cabin’s environment! I am totally a believer by then. Nothing had ever made my complexion that well behaved before.

I mean, this serum delivers an instant porcelain fine skin that is radiance infused! It’s as great as indulging your complexion with the legendary SKII cloth mask, without the hassle of dribbling & sticky residue to be massaged in.

Since I bought this, I had been using this underneath La Mer Oil Controlling lotion for almost 3 weeks, on a daily basis – This is actually very significant for a product whore like myself; It is really that great that I can’t be bothered with the rest……

Yes, La Mer Whitening Essence Intense is my HG serum & I am addicted to it.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t stop testing out other products for the blog’s sake, but I seriously doubt that I will find a better product than this.

Photo of  WEI’s texture & consistency courtesy of


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  1. Bobo, you make it sound like this product belongs to another planet. How long can a bottle of £200 serum last?

    • Lulu, 3 months if used twice a day, 6 months if used once daily, and you haven’t got a huge face to consume this :-). I would say try this out when you next in Singapore/Malaysia. There is a similar version, called The Radiant Serum for the western market ( available in UK, about £250 RRP or around £200 in duty free ), but in my opinion, not as great or multitasking as The Whitening Essence.

    • And knowing me as a product whore since our days in university, you know that I am not joking when I said this product rocks!

      • Thanks Bobo. Sorry to hear that you are unwell. Get well soon. So you think this is worth the £200 and will swear on your ability to pull then?! Oh, thanks for the Boots No. 7 Intense beauty serum you left, it is amazing!! I have been back to stock up since they are having 3 for 2 at the moment 🙂

      • Told you, I am spot on when it comes to products that work; I hope you try their body scrub as well. How about writing a guest review for my blog in regards to Boots No.7 Intense Beauty Serum. I was planning to write one, but got side tracked by more luxurious products.

        Haha, in terms of La Mer, I swear on my ability to pull AND my chances of getting great shopping bargains! Yeah, I am that serious about it.

  2. This is so tempting 😦

    Do you know how I can get this in the US?


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