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Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Serum

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An anti-aging serum with high-performing star ingredient elemi PFA* stimulates the production of tensin, improving the quality of skin’s collagen and elastin fibers, and helping to improve their bonds within the skin to create a firm supportive network. Lightweight silky gel, luxuriously textured and delicately scented, provides an immediate lifting effect.

“ELEMI PFA* Derived from a pure botanical found in Indonesia, the Elemi tree, for traditional use in healing, and purified to its most potent essence. The unique ingredient helps boost the production of tensin — providing benefits beyond those of elastin and collagen — to help rebuild and strengthen the supportive dermal network. Skin appears lifted from within.


This highly fragranced gel serum immediately lift & firm the skin, without any tacky sensation or weight. I speed test this serum on my hands suffer from seasonal dermatitis – It takes just 2 days ( nocturnal use only ) to get rid of the tightness, dryness, scalding, redness & discomfort over my hands. I swear I haven’t even used any other hand cream during the test period. My hands are so smooth, soft & refined ( even better textured than my facial skin ) that I am so using this as my treatment hand cream.

The best hand cream ever, I would say so. Greaseless, nicely scented, spontaneous results with visible ( almost incredible ) firming & lifting effects, what not to love ?

Yeah, I use this as a hand cream, and it’s definitely an excellent product for recreating a pair of youthful hands. I am so going to test this over my neck……


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