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100 Things about Me

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Inspired by Tine’s insightful & enjoyable postings over her blog, the wonderful beautyholicsanonymous ( you can read them here ), here’s my current version

1. No one call me my chinese name since ……God knows when

2. I used to rescue stray kittens, now I treat people for a living

3. I hate using styling products on my hair ( exception for oil )

4. I swears, a lot; favourite  is F word

5. I hate bread, unless it’s French toast saturated with butter & peanut butter

6. I like red heads

7. I wish I am 8 inches……taller

8. I can’t play any musical instrument

9. I don’t know much about my car

10. I think washing machine & microwave oven are godsend

11. I don’t know what to do with crying women

12. I am addicted to blog surfing

13. I love roses

14. I used to collect stamps & first day cover

15. Ditto for bags, and shoes, and watches

16. I need to shower ( & shampoo )at least twice a day, be it summer or winter

17. My favourite item is…… anything sentimental, really

18. I want good surprises ( gifts, hugs, kisses, news )

19. I hate bad jokes

20. I smoke cigarettes, and I prefer slim ones

21. I rarely answer calls from the house telephone or blocked numbers on my mobile

22. I hate having to wake up in the middle of the night to turn on the heater / turn off the air con

23. My favourite TV show is Sex & The City. I used to have SNTC with my dinner

24. I’m a magazine junkie. If I read my textbook as avid as I would with magazines, I would have been the top of my class in University

25. I had been the top of my class / year, a few times, during my secondary school

26. I think men are natural born liars /cheaters

27. I love the colour white, and purple

28. I coloured my hair when I was 15

29. I just ignore a call from work

30. I feel old, since I was 18

31. I would love to live in the Scandinavian country

32. I only call my parents once a week

33. I launder my linen almost every other day

34. I wish I could find someone who loves bleach as much as I do

35. I hate photographing myself

36. I’m vain, I am an aquarius anyway

37. My favourite supermarket is Mark & Spencer ( Does Boots count? )

38. I love reading, leisure reading

39. I have 3 piles of books in my bedroom

40. I once caught my colleagues getting intimate at work

41. I hate doing full body checkup

42. I love playing computer games

43. I always cheat at computer games

44. I type with 2 fingers

45. I have a PDA, but I don’t know where it is

46. I think Apple rocks

47. I want to be a writer when I was young

48. I used to sleep with the light & music on

49. My bed linens are at least 500 thread counts

50. I like the 60’s & 70’s

51. I don’t do sports

52. I don’t watch football

53. I don’t gamble; In fact, I don’t know how to and can never learn……

54. I never have enough clothes in my wardrobe

55. I hate ironing

56. I hate the smell of poorly dried clothes

57. My favourite alcoholic beverage is Gin & Tonic

60. I have way too many shampoos, and I am obsessed with clarifying / detox hair wash

61. I love pineapple

62. My first proper crush was after I left university

63. I never bring work back home

64. I’d love to go to China & Russia

65. I bite on straws

66. I think flying cockroaches ……NO, I can’t even bear thinking about them

67. I don’t do sudoko

68. I like alternative music

69. This is definitely a good position

70. I don’t please people; In fact, I have a tendency to piss off those that deserve it

71. I once wore a pair of Prada to work part time, in a takeaway

72. I never get those reality TV shows

73. I do read the Sports pages of newspapers

74. I read the obituaries in the newspapers to see whether those names ring a bell ( from my register )

75. I think I am underpaid

76. I am definitely overworked

77. I have 4 table lamps in my bedroom, 1 floor lamp & 2 ceiling lights

78. I’m currently craving for a holiday

79. My first extravagant purchase with my pay cheque was a Cartier tank watch

80. I am bloody good at cannulation

81. I wish I would party harder when in University

82. I can stitch people up but can’t repair /alter my clothes

83. I can’t cook, and don’t intent to learn cooking

84. Once, I went shopping for 8 hours without meal / toilet break

85. I love the smell of fresh laundry

86. I hate ” dry clean only ” garments

87. I hate poorly lit bathroom

88. I have too many Ipod & Mac

89. I have low tolerance for stupidity

90. Even lower tolerance for rudeness / cocky-ness

91. I used to have poster of supermodels on my bedroom wall

92. When I’m pissed, I am not afraid to throw a hissy fit

93. I don’t eat seafood

94. and durians

95. I have never won any contests

96. Classical music helps me concentrate

97. I’ve always wanted a butler & an au pair

98. I hate grocery shopping

99. I like horror movies

100. And cartoons not really suitable for kids, such as Family Guy, American Dad……


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  1. It’s freaky how similar we are 😛

  2. Haha, that was really entertaining – it’s a pretty neat idea and I enjoyed reading through it. I couldn’t help but smile and even LOL as I was reading through many of those! 😀

  3. David,
    I have “known” you for almost 2 years, since I started blogging.
    Today, I feel that I know you a lot better afte reading this!!
    I read every single sentence seriously because you mean a lot to you =)
    Thank you for the post!!


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