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A complexion enhanced by a high-precision colour formulation. Skin beautified by an anti ageing skincare ingredients.

Sisley SKINLEŸA Anti-aging Lift foundation – all the Sisley skincare technology in a foundation! As sheer and silky as a second skin and capable of correcting those visible signs of ageing. A rich, satin-smooth, sensorial foundation for sheer, even skin. An exclusive skincare formula.

The new pigments are ultra-pure and benefit from a double coating based on amino acids which ensures excellent colour, purity and perfect hold. New silicone gum provides a silky-glide texture, for ease of application & sensational finish. Silicone elastomers form an optical smoothing veil which minimises imperfections and reflects the light. Soft-focus microspheres diffuse light in all directions, blurring wrinkles, fine lines and concealing blemishes.

Immediately, Skinleÿa smoothes the skin surface thanks to:

Oat extract with a 3D tensor effect – With a very high molecular weight, this extract comprises a network of complex sugars and binds tenaciously to the skin surface to form a smooth, elastic & flexible film. Its 3D configuration aligns perfectly onto the skin surface for an instant smoothing effect.

Skinleÿa also revives complexion radiance with :

Tourmaline microcrystals – stimulate the microcirculation.

Vitamin A Palmitate –  regulates epidermal turnover.

Day after day, Skinleÿa combats the signs of aging thanks to :

Anti-collagenase activity – extract of Alkekengi Calyx.

Anti-elastase activity – Willow Leaf extract.

Anti-glycation activity –  Einkorn wheat.

Active ingredients selected for triple anti-free radical protection:

Extract of Alkekengi Calyx protects skin against free radicals that form as a result of chemically induced stress (pollution, tobacco) or UV radiation.

Extract of Rhodochrosite, rich in Manganese, stimulates the activity of superoxide dismutase, a key enzyme in the skin’s natural antioxidant system.

Tocopherol Acetate strengthens the skin’s anti-free radical defences.

Skinleÿa moisturises and softens skin thanks to:

Extract of Cherry blossom rich in sugars, and moisturisers.

Pro-Vitamin B5 (D-Panthenol) and Alpha-Bisabolol with softening and soothing virtues.

What Skinleÿa brings more than what we have already in the market?

According to Sonja Glavas, marketing manager, Skinleÿa is the perfect balance between the perfect result and a true care for your skin. Sisley integrated all the brand know how in terms of natural extracts. If you were already convinced by Sisleÿa, you will also be by this one.

I can’t wait for its launch in Fall 2011.


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  1. Sisley’s sister brand Skinleÿa?
    Would love to try =)
    Sounds interesting..

  2. Hi, great choice of images. It really brings the ambiance of the product. Very multi-sensorial.

  3. Love your blog. Just started mine. Where do I get the Dior fragrances that you have listed across the top? follow me? Also, are you on Twitter? I am

    • Welcome to the blogging world. Those Dior fragrances are exclusive collection, only available in certain stores/boutiques globally. Selfridges in London has them all.


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