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Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Serum

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Aging is about the degeneration of collagen. Chantecaille’s Biodynamic Lifting Serum is the newest, most potent collagen builder & protector.

This breakthrough serum contains groundbreaking ingredients such as:

Raspberry Stem Cells – collagen protector, extremely rich in potent anti-oxidants. Rich in GADD 45, the gene of longevity to repair DNA damage.

BioNymph Tripeptide – the first peptide from a living plant. Builds & stimulates collagen renewal, activates DNA repair and reduces DNA fragmentation by 57%. Clinical tests show a 25% reduction in crows feet after 30 days of use.

Age Controlling Complex – liposomes of Carnosine and Lemon Balm prevent collagen glycation and enhance the anti-inflammation properties of the BioNymph Peptide. Clinical tests show a significant improvement in skin firmness and smoothness after four weeks.

Hyaluronic Acid – total Hydration, immediate and long term; Creates moisture reserve in the skin and tightens cellular cohesion, thus reducing moisture loss from skin’s barrier. Clinical testing proves 91% of panelists exhibited more hydrated skin. Fine lines are smoothed by 66%.

Imperata Cylindrica Extract – introduces intense and long lasting skin hydration by: 60% immediately, 50% after six hours, and 20% after 24 hours.

Marsh Samphire Extract – an adapted marine plant that reduces epidermal water loss by 25%. In-vivo tests show a 6x increase in moisture level.

Panax Ginseng Extract – removes toxins and puffiness, better oxygenation of the skin. Brightness and Skin Clarity is restored.

White Tea Extract – highly anti-oxidant and skin clarifying. EGCG compounds found in high concentrations in white tea stimulates skin to retain moisture and protects against inflammation.

This innovative lifting serum is a major wrinkle fighter. Rare and powerful, patented actives deliver visible results that minimize the appearance of lines and maximize skin tightness and density.

Excellent for all skin types.  88% Botanical. Paraben free.

I am totally sold by this. I have faith in Chantecaille when it comes to skincare. I am known to spend ( more than ) my weekly accommodation fee on Chantecaille’s serum when I was in university, without regret.

Total luxury; Incredibly pampering yet tremendously effective. LPB says splurge!


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