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GlamGlow Mud Mask

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A new super-advanced, super natural mud mask, providing super sexy, super radiant skin!

GLAMGLOW is the red carpet’s answer to radiant skin. Designed for the glitz and glam of Hollywood and camera-ready soft glowing skin, GLAMGLOW is an amazing rapid and gentle exfoliating mud mask that is 100% natural. Dredged from the southern coast of France, GLAMGLOW is high in ancient volcanic pumice rock, super antioxidants and minerals. The natural fragrance and colour-free mask works to illuminate, smooth, soften, exfoliate, brighten and moisturise, leaving skin radiant with an award-winning glow.

GLAMGLOW’s key ingredients include:

• Volcanic Pumice Rock – used for its high mineral content, it is also the key for its exfoliating properties.

• French Sea Clay – works to absorb impurities and toxic substances from the skin, without removing natural oils.

• Green & White Tea Leaf – praised as the beauty secret of the Geishas; Contain Squalene, an important component of the skin’s natural emollient system; Penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, leaving it smooth and supple.

• Grape Seed oils – used as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and exfoliant,; Promotes moisture restoration; Helps correct discolouration and improve skin texture.

• Camellia Seed Oil – contains Vitamin A, B & E and Polyphendols which are used to restore moisture and pH balance to the skin, resulting in an improved complexion with softened, less noticeable wrinkles & fine lines.

It also contains a blend of chamomile flower, marigold flower, cucumber, ivy, herb leaf & lavender oil to keep the skin feeling & looking fabulous !

GLAMGLOW is designed for all skin types and works to activate ” collagen synthesis ” within the skin,resulting in a revitalised complexion with brighter and more radiant glow.

My new favourite – Absolutely fantastic, simply LPB’s Hall of Fame material.

This not so pleasant looking mask ( yeah, gloppy & muddy ) is instead very enjoyable. It has a heady aroma that resembles a decently brewed flower tea. The texture is extremely grainy ( effective manual exfoliation upon application ) & this serious sebum sucker draws out oil & impurities like no others ( my face resembles a map densely populated by oil wells as this mask dries ). Once washed off, my complexion is purified, smoothed & nourished. Yes, I do have a fabulous glow.

IMO, this product does produce an amazing result comparable to dermabrasion. A beauty product of addictive potential – I am ordering my second jar after only 3 applications ( Glamglow sells out frequently & I couldn’t bear waiting for it, enough said ).


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