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Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum

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Women who are looking for both intense hydration and advanced antioxidant protection will find the perfect solution in HYDRA BEAUTY SÉRUM. Suitable for all skin types, this universal moisturizing beautifying serum has the power to protect your beauty and restore all your radiance.

Exquisitely comforted with vital moisture, skin is radiant, beautiful, fresh and plumped, like a Camellia petal. With Hydra Beauty, Chanel has created perfect hydration, to deeply moisturize the skin and protect it against physiological and environmental stresses.

For the first time, Chanel has tapped into the surprising hidden power of its emblematic flower, the Camellia, and extracted an endless source of beauty: the ultra-hydrating ingredient, Camellia Alba PFA*.

Blue Ginger PFA** has the power to reinforce the skin’s self-defense system, while hyaluronic acid has an immediate plumping effect. The skin recovers all its original radiance.

The fresh, ultra-fine texture captivates the senses and immediately melts into the skin, revealing subtle fruity notes. The skin, like a flower, is infused with moisture and active ingredients. Infinitely moisturized and protected, it is safeguarded from the passing seasons and different climatic conditions.

Hydra Beauty serum is a vital step in all beauty rituals and also the essential product for an optimal makeup result.

After using Hydra Beauty for 4 weeks, the skin reveals its full-bloomed beauty:

Increase in skin hydration: 81%

Clinical study by a dermatologist:

Skin is protected: + 86%

Complexion is more even: + 79%

Complexion is more luminous: + 90%

Skin is softer: + 97%

Self-evaluation (n = 29)

Chanel may be a house for fine fragrance but when it comes to serious skin care……

I would regard this as an eau de cologne for skin, as this serum is very refreshing upon application & has a rather remarkable & detectable fruity floral fragrance ( alcohol is the second ingredient on the list ). It leaves my skin matt, cooled & scented.

Hydra beauty serum offers light & refreshing hydration for combination skin but drier skin type might find it insufficient. In terms of radiance, I do not notice any difference between this with other serums, even when compared with Chanel’s own Hydra max+  serum.

I find this exhilarating serum great to be used underneath a sunscreen/sunblock as it helps to keep the complexion matte; Nice to have in the summer. Now, I believe Chanel should incorporate this formulation into an all over hydrating skin mist or an after sun product; Would be an instant hit !


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  1. Do you prefer this Beauty serum or the Le Blanc Serum? Which one is more effective?

    • Both are actually quite different in purposes. Le Blanc has a velvety texture with a matt finish for brightening the skin; Hydra Beauty is a moisturizing serum for boosting hydration.


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