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Collin Resultime Gel Collagene Regenerant

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“I always use COLLIN RESULTIME Regenerating Collagen Gel, this amazing gel is perfect for damaged skin, especially sun kissed and wind burned. You can wear it as a mask for 20 mins for instant re-hydration, or overnight as an intense treatment, it is fabulous as it hydrates and heals 24/7. It suits all skin types, for example on a recent Ski fashion shoot in Chamonix, after all day on location, with the sun shining and the cold wind, everyone was suffering, so in the evening I applied the gel to all the crew, and it helped to soothe and comfort even the most rugged complexion…A must have product!” _ Chase Aston

Regenerating Collagen Gel is designed to plump and firm the skin, this amazing gel is also ideal for refreshing dull tired skin. It contains a unique concentration of 15 structural molecules similar to those present in the skin including COLLIN RESULTIME patented Vectorised Micro-Collagen. COLLIN RESULTIME has succeeded in integrating a bioactive Collagen fragment, increasing the collagen production by +49% for enhanced skin firmness and a redensifying effect. Increases hyaluronic acid production by +78% for a plumping smoothing effect.

This multi-use gel rich in collagen, elastin, DNA, RNA & energetic complex will regenerate and perserve the youthfulness of your skin. It smooths the skin and fades away signs of fatigue. I like its cooling, bouncy gel texture that hydrates & plumps my complexion upon application. My skin feels refreshed & lifted immediately.

This rather heavily fragranced gel is extremely versatile; You could use it as a serum, a treatment mask of simply as a nourisher/moisturiser. Despite its heady scent, It doesn’t irritate my skin. Instead, for some bizarre reasons, it actually reduces oiliness & helps my makeup to glide on smoothly, lasts longer with less shine breakthrough !

I am loving this miraculous pink gel at the moment. My skin is doing well with this alone; I have been using Collin Resultime Gel Collagene Regenerant as a serum + moisturiser + primer and it hasn’t disappointed me. I would recommend it to those that have combination/oily skin with concerns about ageing & loss of firmness.


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