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Welcome to the 800th post of LPB ! Let’s talk about deco.

 From Feng Shui point of view, the common areas of the house would much benefit from a more ” Yang ” energy. This benevolent ” Qi ” must be allowed to flow smoothly through the house. ” Yang Qi ” would enliven your space & revitalised your energy, making you more optimistic, vibrant & sociable.

Aesthetically, light neutral colours convey a more spacious feel & establish a ” bright hall ” effect; Providing an illusion of  ” potential “.

 Coupled light neutral wall with dark solid floor for a “ground ” feel. It’s important that you feel ” established ” in your own environment. Benevolent energies are welcomed & encouraged to flow smoothly into the living space, but you would also like to ground them & utilise them to nurture your environment.

 In contrast, darker shades convey a more ” Yin ” energy field and it’s more suitable for private areas where rest & seclusion are the priorities. A room too ” yin ” is good for relaxation & retirement but would not serve a great purpose for  gathering & entertaining.

So make sure your living room & dining area have a more ” Yang ” outlook. Lighting helps, so does those odd ornamental pieces that add some element of vibrancy & excitement.


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