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Chanel Le Blanc Serum

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“ A woman is only as good as the light and peace she radiates, ” said Gabrielle Chanel, and now the beauty off-shoot of her famous brand has released its latest wonder – Le Blanc.

According to Chanel Beauty, ” Skin tone correction and hydration are the secrets of dazzling skin, a translucent complexion and a perfectly smooth skin surface “.

Chanel revolutionizes whitening wth TXC for a unprecedented 12 hours of continuous action through biological factors of melanin production, thus lighten the complexion from within.

The fine pearl, the beauty secret of Mademoiselle Chanel, is the model of perfection and translucency that inspired the creation of the LE BLANC ritual.

Specially designed for Asian skin, this concentrate possesses the highest concentration of the revolutionary high-tech whitening ingredient TXCTM. Created after 9 years of research and stemming from a combination of French and Japanese expertise, its 12-hour* effectiveness in perfect affinity with Asian skin:

– corrects existing dark spots and prevents new ones from forming,

– targets 6 biological factors to regulate the skin’s hyperpigmentation reactions.

Pearl Protein Extract acts on dull and yellow-toned complexions, softening the skin and giving a delicate smooth feel.

This fine, pearly white silky texture melts rapidly into your skin, leaving a subtle fragrance of springtime floral freshness, underlined by accords of wood and white musk.

This NEW whitening/lightening/brightening serum from Chanel is rather unique as it’s the first western beauty product that incorporate a quasi-medical ingredient TXC ( pharmacologically related to tranexamic acid, yes the medicine prescribed for heavy periods ) into its formula.

I really enjoy using this superb serum as it’s totally greaseless & non sticky ( yeap, compared to the older version, White Essentiel ). This refreshing serum  feels very velvety & spreads over skin like silk, instantly absorbed ( at times even before I finished spreading it ); It leaves a semi-matte finish on the skin, blurs out minor skin blemishes like redness/pores ( to a certain extent ) & evens out skin tone. It has a noticeable, nice yet non-overpowering white musk aroma.

Chanel Le Blanc serum acts like a brightening/lightening primer, IMO. It makes my complexion porcelain smooth & refined. For drier skin type, you will need to follow this with a hydrating moisturiser as Le Blanc serum is not a nourisher. I have not used this lovely serum long enough to commend on its ” whitening ” capability. ( I haven’t got any pigmentation problems as yet, thank goodness )

So ,yes, I think Chanel had made it right this time, Le Blanc serum is as powerful as it could be without a prescription, endowed with an amazing texture that feels feather-lite & velvety, yet delivers a finish so polished & perfected.

An excellent product yet to be surpassed by another of its kind, so far.

 Le Blanc revives skin from within, taking the complexion to flawless translucency with the inimitable luster. What your skin will experiences is haute whitening: Lighted up from within, transparent, even and radiant, as perfect as a fine pearl.


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