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Guerlain Blanc de Pearl Lightening UV Base

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Originating from a pure miracle of nature, pearls create themselves layer after layer to become perfect. Thanks to the power of the extraordinary pearl, the PEARL Complex restores the optimal level of this protein to free the skin of trapped melanin, layer after layer, and recreates purity and radiance.

Dark spots fade away, the skin is regenerated and glows with the perfect white inner radiance of pearls.

The lightening and refining SPF 30 UV base covers the skin with a natural veil of light as a final step to a perfect and protected complexion. This fluid and pearly pink base lightens the complexion, corrects dark spots and protects the skin against damage caused by UV rays. The complexion glows with a new radiance.

You may wonder whether this primer+sunblock+skin perfecter is worth £ 43 ? For merely 30 mls.

In my opinion, yes. Blanc de Pearl Lightening UV base may not be the one with the highest SPF, but it’s definitely one of the lightest I had ever encountered so far.

This delightful lotion brightens up my complexion ( no, I am not talking about chalky white cast & dead pale finish here ), evens out minor skin discolouration, smoothes skin & enhances makeup application.

The best part ( okay, parts ) about this UV base:

1) no ordinary, offending, artificial, chemical sunblock aroma – Instead it has the trademark guerlainade  scent, very delicate & pleasant.

2) non greasy, non occlusive finish – This lovely lotion dries to a powdery finish; Yes, a weightless semi-matte powder finish!

So, LPB definitely endorses this as the must have sunscreen for this summer. The price tag could be a bit hefty, but this is actually an excellent sunscreen that primes & preps your skin as well as protects & perishes pigmentations.

PS: If you have yellow undertones like most Asians, please choose pink instead of the beige tint. The pink hue actually brightens & revitalises yellow skin tone while the beige tint can be too ” yellow ” and turns your complexion sallow.


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