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I have difficulty categorising this; Is this a beauty product, a prank or a revenge tool ?

After perfume that resembles bodily parts & secretions, now we have saucy lip balm. Yes, I like marmite  ( by ingestion ) but I don’t think I would like my lips to smell of food.

Savoury lips anyone ? What’s next ? Brown Sauce / Chap Swee / Tikka Masala / Wasabi ?

One day, this might comes true, watch out girls!


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  1. Oh dear,
    I really drag to think how Marmite will smell as a lip balm, shower gel or anything besides food..

  2. Well, Joey, I could get you the Marmite lip balm when I am back in UK this Summer, then you’ll know what it’s like. But I challenge you to wear it for at least 3 days!


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