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Snowberry Gentle Remineralising Toner

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A superior, natural plant extract soft-foam cleanser that tones and replenishes the skin and leaves it feeling beautifully refreshed, firm and glowing without the use of harsh volatile alcohols.

Gently cleanses, dissolves and removes dirt and environmental pollutants.

Provides the skin with a smooth, clean and refreshed feeling.

Helps to re-hydrate the epidermis.

Tones and remineralises the skin.

Helps to maintain healthy skin ecology.

Reduces and helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Snowberry Gentle Remineralising Toner is an outstanding soft-foaming cleanser that ensures that your skin will appear toned and rejuvenated. It  uses the moisturising, hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties of plant extracts, minerals & synthetically derived molecules to replenish skin and encourage cell rejuvenation.

Here is the list of ingredients that justify Its £ 49 price tag ( Yeah, almost 50 GBP for 100 ml ):

Sapindin– natural surfactant from the soap tree  provides natural foaming and antibacterial properties.

Mucic Acid (Galactaric Acid) – derived from apples, this active ingredient has excellent chelating properties protecting the emulsion as well as protecting the skin cells from lipid peroxidisations.

Snow White Coral Algae – A natural active ingredient from marine algae with antioxidant and SPF properties. Functions as a broad spectrum UV protecting factor, broad spectrum IR protecting factor and a thermal regulator.

Mikimoto Pearl Extract (Mother of Pearl extract) – rich in amino-acids and minerals.  This multi-functional ingredient provides moisture, whitening, repair and an organic UV protection filter.

Pea Protein extract – a vege-tensor with anti-wrinkle and skin firming properties which has an instant skin-smoothing effect.
Lipochroman-6 – synthetic ingredient with powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties.
Neem seed oil –  exotic natural plant ingredient with moisturising, hydrating, and skin softening properties.
Andiroba Oil – natural emollient from nuts of the Andiroba tree with moisturising, hydrating, and skin
softening properties. It also promotes anti-inflammatory and skin renewal activity.
Wheat Soramides – derived from wheat with anti-ageing and skin restructuring properties.
Kumquat Kiwi Fruit Enzyme – natural cleansing agent using enzymes from Kiwifruit seed.
Juazirine – natural plant surfactant from Juazeiro bark with natural foaming saponins to gently cleanse.
Dermofeel PA – natural active ingredient occurring in all plant seed with excellent sequestering properties, preventing oxidation and lipid peroxidation and helping to stabilise the emulsion.
Fucogel 1000 – natural active plant ingredient, with anti-aging properties, helps reduce inflammation and stimulates the release of endorphins.
Fruit Trim – natural plant ingredient with excellent moisturising and hydrating properties.
Pentavitin – natural plant ingredient with excellent moisturising and hydrating properties. Actively reduces dryness and irritation caused by alpha hydroxy acids and increases water holding capacity.
Sopholiance – active, naturally derived anti-bacterial & anti-lipase agent, which prevents growth of certain noxious gram positive bacteria yet respects the natural flora of the skin.
Ubiquinone & Polysorbate 80 – a natural biotech ingredient with excellent anti-ageing properties in restructuring and stimulating aging cells.
Idebenone – naturally derived biotech antioxidant which penetrates dermally and neutralises free radicals, decreases collagen breakdown and counters inflammation.
This may not be the most expensive cleanser in the world, but it definitely is the most divinely scented, luxuriously textured & pleasantly formulated cleanser !
Despite its name, this in not a toner, but a gentle, mild foaming cleanser. My favourite so far.

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