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I occasionally use tanning products, Guerlain Terracotta is the range I depend on, whenever I need an extra boost of glow & injection of colour.

Terracotta – pioneer in fake baking, benchmark in tanning !

Terracotta Serum Tan Prolonging  Complex – A miracle elixir designed to add a tan-prolonging action to your everyday skincare products for the face and body. The concentration of the effective tan booster has been specially developed for optimum performance; Tan-prolonging and soothing. A few drops of this translucent, fragrance-free gel magically transform your usual skincare product into a tailor-made after-sun cream.

Terracotta Jambes de Gazelle Coolong Bronzing Mist –  A cooling tinted mist that instantly cloaks your legs in a natural, even tan and leaves them feeling relaxed and invigorated. Your legs are beautiful, from the first rays of sunshine until long after the summer’s end…

Terracotta Eau sous le Vent Soothing Moisturizing Mist – A delicious mist that improves skin hydration and amplifies the tan while enchanting the senses with a sultry sun-soaked scent.

Terracotta Huile du Voyageur Nourishing Dry Oil SPF 8 – Sensuous and nourishing, this silky-light, dry oil leaves skin divinely smooth and luscious.

My pick this summer 2011 would be Terracotta serum, Healthy Glow foundation & Eau sous le Vent.


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