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Brand Focus – Snowberry

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As a beauty junkie with an addiction issue ( beauty products, that is ) & blessed with a reasonable budget ( and ample storage ), I could simply label myself ” been there, seen it, done that & can’t bloody remember ” prototype.

Until something comes along, surprises & impresses me ……

There are a couple of really smart things you can do when you launch an indie beauty brand you hope to make a big success of in an incredibly crowded and big-brand-monopolised market. Number one is to produce products with a real point of difference, and number two is to make those products look frigging incredible.

Besides carbon-neutral, Snowberry products are also high-tech hybrid of hard-working natural ingredients & results orientated synthetic ingredients like peptides.

Getting uber-hip illustrator of the moment, Rob Ryan, on board to design the packaging is an another breathtakingly clever move. The idea is, once you try, then you’re hooked ?

NZ skin care company Snowberry is a brand that was launched with two very important aims :

1) to produce a product that was not harmful to the world in it’s production

2) delivering great skins to its customers – naturally.

This marvellous company also has a startling list of “ No ” that includes no petrochemicals, no volatile alcohol, no silicones, no DEA or MEA and no laurel sulphates. Instead there is a collection of highly refined, functionally active extracts from oils such as the deliciously named Cloudberry and Lingonberry, and rare Neem oil that acts as a superior antioxidant and natural surfactant.

Snowberry founder Sonraya Hendesi is a cosmetician with a life-long passion for natural skin care. Her dream was to create a natural skin care line that was active enough to show real results for aging skin and with Scientist Dr Andy Lavrent she has achieved just that. With an illustrious track record working in product development for companies like La Prairie, Dr. Lavrent is also a highly skilled chef and likens the creation of beautiful skincare to “the creation of an excellent dish – it requires real passion and flair. It is a fusion process, where we take the most interesting active ingredients from around the world to create something very special”.

Snowberry is about science and nature working together using the most active ingredients they could source in the world to work on enhanced collagen production, cellular renewal and wrinkle reduction.

While of course giving it’s customers glowing, healthy skin. Each Snowberry product is a potent mix of goddess for your skin. These products are not tested on animals and harvested using the highest standards of environmental sustainability in The Snowberry Gardens, located in NZ’s Northland.

Snowberry’s ethos is to play their part in caring for the Earth, be carbon neutral, use biodegradable and recyclable materials for packaging and be entirely self-sufficient.

The lovely, whimsical packaging, using a story-telling paper cut art by London artist Rob Ryan. Prices range from  NZ$25.00 – $294.00. Snowberry is available exclusively at Auckland’s Smith & Caugheys or online at

Since my move to the ” down under “, Snowberry has to be my best NZ finds so far ( Surpassing Trilogy ). However, there are 2 issues with snowberry products :

1) Once you’ve tried it, you’re hooked, which leads to ……

2) The price of this fabulous range in UK ! Products this great should be on prescription, IMO. Let’s see the price comparison :

50 ml Instant Deep Cleanser £46 / NZ$61

100 ml Gentle Remineralising Toner £45 / NZ$59

30 ml Soothing Facial Massage Oil £30 / NZ$39

30 ml Intensive Renewal Face Serum £143 / NZ$190

50 ml Cellular Regeneration Night Cream £92.5 / NZ$123

You see what I mean ? You’ll be shocked if you’re familiar with the current exchange rate.

Guess there’s always a bright side when you’re getting your products manufactured locally. Thank God, Smith & Caughey’s does courier delivery ( within NZ ) and they’re pretty generous with samples.


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  2. Thank you for introducing this brand!!
    Seems interesting but dont think they are available in Singapore. Might track it down when I travel..

  3. You got me hooked on this brand! I love it. Thank you 🙂


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