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7 Minutes Quickie

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When time’s short, I stick to a bare minimum of basics and turn to products that

1) easy to apply

2) blend well & effortlessly

Brightening moisturizer — Clinique Derma White City Block, an opalescent moisturiser with SPF 40 that irradiates, protects & revives my complexion.

Foundation — I tend to go for liquid foundation such as Ellis Faas or Chanel Vitalumirere Aqua; With my finger; I dab and blend around my nose, chin and cheeks. These may be highly pricey , but they’re the most natural-looking everyday wear foundation I’ve known.

Concealer — When worn together, under an Eye Brightener; A skin tone correcting lotion and a full-coverage liquid concealer will disguise even the darkest circles.

Powder — I tend to use Guerlain’s Meteorites to set my makeup and increase wear time. It absorbs shine for hours & illuminates the skin.

Brows — I like using brow powder to quickly fill in my brows. It’s an easy & less harsh way to define your brows.

Lashes — The awesome Sublime de Chanel. It creates lovely, natural-looking, curls lashes.

Highlighter — NARS illuminators are a snap to apply and blend.

Lipgloss – Edward Bess Deep Shine plumps & glazes lips well.


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  1. How are you liking Ellis Faas foundation?

    • nice, but the pen dispensing packaging is driving EVERYONE nuts; so with the new packaging, things should be better

      • I know it’s annoying but it’s the brand’s concept and vision isn’t it? Or am I spotting a change there?

      • They will have to change their vision or improve the technology of their dispensing pen, otherwise they’re losing customers. It’s only the foundation that has a new packaging at the moment.

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