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In the world of art, religion and mythology, The Tree of Life has always been a symbol of the invisible, creative & divine forces of the universe and the cycles of life that surround and sustain us all. It is a quiet reminder that our lives are not separate from nature, but part of the same creative process that interconnects all life.

The above piece of art by Klimt is the best cure for the annual flying star affliction in 2011, given its curly branches ( round shape represents metal element in Feng Shui ) and golden glare ( again, metallic presence ).

You may ask why ? Well, 5 yellow star is an earthy star, and in the productive/destructive cycle of the 5 elements, metal will exhaust earth; Thus rendering this malicious star inert.

Another reason is 5 yellow star in residing in the east ( geometrical direction ) this year. East is a wooden segment; It represents growth & development, thus the Tree of Life design brings abundance & achievement if displayed over here.

Lillian Too, the renowned Feng Shui master had also recommended using this design to counteract the adverse effects of flying star 5 yellow ( the most deadly afflictions of the year; the annual misfortune stars ), her 5 element pagoda pendant decorated with Tree of Life design shown above is simply gorgeous.

So, if you’re converted & intend to use this powerful symbol of abundance & regeneration, may I suggest you incorporates this design in your dining room, living room or bedroom ?

Tree of Life candle light holder – nothing more auspicious than displaying this over your dining table, the area where foods ( energy replenishing & life sustaining ) are served.

This vibrant design will also enhance the ” Qi ” / ” Chi ” of your living room, making it welcoming, nurturing & energetic. ” Yang ” is what everyone should aim for when it comes to living room design.

” Yin ” is more appropriate when it comes to bedroom, a sanctuary where we retire. A Tree of Life patterned quilt will ensure a regenerating sleep; Also useful for couples looking to conceive ……

Disclaimer : LPB is not a Feng Shui practitioner but finds the practice fascinating and beneficial.


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