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OMG, WTF Oscar Discovery

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While catching up on my post-holiday reading, I just gone through loads of Oscar’s red carpet  shots – And do you know what’s hip in Hollywood ? What a shocker !

Check out these photos ( from )

Chanel Sublimage Concentrate was applied to create a gorgeous, healthy complexion. For base, Chanel Vitalumiere Fluid Makeup was used.On her lips, Sandra wore Rouge Coco in Gabrielle.

SK-II skincare, including mask, under-eye pads and moisturiser were used to prep  Cate’s skin, followed by Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup was used on Michelle. Her lip colour was Rouge Coco Rose Dentelle.

So, loads of sophisticated beauty products were utilised to help these stars to appear gorgeous, if not perfect.

Now, the problem is, in fact, the big Question is – Why do these women look worn out with creepy lines & wrinkles all over their forehead, around the eyes & lips and even the lips appear parchy & dehydrated ?

OMG, are those luxurious skin treatment like Chanel Sublimage or SK II worth their merit ? Are those HG make up products such as Chanel Vitalumiere & Lancome Teint Miracle losing their magical touch ?

Or are we too dependent on photoshop ?


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  1. The make up and skin care product is definitely worth the merit! I think it’s because since they are celebrities and have to put on loads of make up all the time, stay up often, STARVE, tan, drink, etc. It impacts their skin a lot. Those pictures are pretty scary though….:)


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