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Coco Shine Versus Dior Addict

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The house of Chanel & Dior are launching their newest lipsticks around the same time; Both Coco Shine & Dior Addict Vibrant Colour Spectacular Shine promise luscious, soft, kissable lips upon application !

Would you like to know which one is more superior? According to LPB ……

For comparison, I tested Coco Shine Deauville & Dior Addict Vintage on my lips ( Both worn separately for a day, on a normal working day ); These 2 shades are kind of similar ( inside tube & on hand swatching ) but not exactly identical.

Shades selection : Dior Addict > Coco Shine ( Only 18 )

Pigmentation : Dior Addict, despite its name, definitely has more opacity & coverage; Coco Shine stays true to its sheer, brilliance self with more tinted finish

Price : Coco Shine > Dior Addict, what would you expect? And by the way, you’re going to pay whatever ridiculous amount Chanel is asking for anyway.

Size : Dior Addict 3.5g; Coco Shine 3.0g. Some like it big, some like it small.

Fragrance : Coco Shine smells faintly of roses while I couldn’t detect any aroma on Dior Addict.

Texture : Coco Shine feels balmy & hydrating, like a silky oil upon contact with lips; Dior Addict has a velvety, dense creamy consistency.

Hydrating capability : Coco Shine leaves my lips well moisturised, while Dior Addict has a non drying, matte finish.

Radiance : Coco Shine has a non gloppy, glossy shine while Dior Addict finishes with a rather semi-dewy effect.

Staying power : Dior Addict outlasted Coco Shine by about 2 hours.

Transfer factor : Dior Addict leaves a more noticeable imprint over mug/clothing/skin – But I strongly believe that this is due to its denser pigmentation, hence more noticeable; Coco Shine on the other hand, is more smudge-able due to its liquifying texture.

So, The winner is ……

Chanel Coco Shine, this time. I think Dior Addict is a great lipstick, but it doesn’t live up to its name ! I mean, if one put ” Vibrant Colour Spectacular Shine ” on the name, I would expect these claims to be delivered.


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  1. Heya,

    I know in the UK Chanel Rouge COCO Shine is asking for £22.50 (WTF?!), do you know how much is Dior Addict?

    In KL both are priced equally at 90MYR (although Rouge COCO Shine will only be launched beginning of next month after Summer collection prob on 1st Apr)…

    I would personally pass on both because I prefer a more pigmented lipstick…the comparison is great btw, I have been wondering since the launches of both 🙂


    • Thank you poseylass. I can’t remember how much Dior Addict cost but it’s marginally cheaper than Coco Shine.
      I do remember Coco Shine was MYR 90 when I bought it in KL ( as I was using my angpow money instead of my credit card )

      It’s usually cheaper to get cosmetics in Malaysia since you have to pay GST in UK.

      If you prefer more pigmented lipstick, you should definitely leave both of these, you could try Illamasqua, Lancome, Bobbi Brown……


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