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Brand Focus – Malin + Goetz

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MALIN+GOETZ makes skincare easy, starting with sensitive skin.  Natural based treatments incorporate gentle technologies for ultimate performance.  Each product performs as the single best, multi-tasking and value added item.  Two steps, a cleanser and moisturizer, create perfect pH balance for either face, body or hair.

Family owned and operated apothecary in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood launched March 2004.  The Chelsea store, while modern in every way, is similar to traditional neighborhood apothecaries of years past: full of activity, wonderful treatments, and great customer service.  Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz waited on each customer themselves for the first three years and still live in Chelsea around the corner from the store, similar to chemists 100 years ago.

Since opened their doors, M+G have developed their own formulas and manufactured the products locally to Manhattan operations.  Matthew and Andrew personally develop each and every formula with a trusted chemist, whether a long time friend or industry specialist for a specific technology or ingredient expertise.  The intent was to create products that supported and served our community from start to finish, and, to offer effective treatments that benefit everyone.

Matthew Malin has suffered from rosacea, eczema, seborrhea and fragrance allergies, in addition to dry skin in general.  As a result, he and Andrew have taken great care to ensure that each formula is created to be the most effective and least irritating for sensitive skin.

Goetz is oily with resilient skin.  And, New York weather is extreme hot and humidity in the summer and extreme bitter cold and dry in the winter.  Every skin type abounds and each customer is more sophisticated and demanding than the last.  We have limited time and expect the very best.  Creating product for New Yorkers is the ultimate in perfection.

Two-step regimens offer head-to-toe pH balance – face, body, and hair – for both women and men. Each advanced formula blends trusted natural ingredients with gentle performance technologies to address skin sensitivities, irritations and allergies resulting from unnecessary products, over-marketed harsh ingredients, and false claims.

The result is formulas without unnecessary detergents, colorants and synthetic fragrances creating the most effective systems to simplify your life.

MALIN+GOETZ does not test on animals.

I love their Detox face Mask, Vitamin E Shaving Cream, Mojito Lipbalm, Eucalyptus Body Wash, Bergamot Body Wash, Peppermint Shampoo and those scented candles.


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