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作詞:唐書琛 作曲:賀緣汀 編曲:盧冠廷

佳偶共連理 共對是多麼美

你的心似嬉戲 不解這道理

飄拂變心的你 茫然話說別離

情人匆匆遠走為了誰 誰令你牽記

當愛被遺棄 願往事不多記


只想遠方的你 回來莫再別離

然而一等再等沒了期 懷念借風寄

There’re plenty reasons why 2 people can’t be together, even they love each other; However, there is no excuse not to miss the one you love, wish him/her well & continue to love……


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  1. This is so sad……..
    You know, I can’t help thinking that we all live as if never died and die as if we never lived.
    Why are so many things impossible? If we were told that the world ends tomorrow, would we stil use this word?…
    I hope you find your peace, and your happiness. You deserve all the good things in the world to come to you.

    • Thanks Jade. There’re 2 kind of people in this world, the lucky one and the not so lucky one. You’re the lucky one & I am really glad that you find your prince!


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