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Chêne was created in 2004 by Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake for the Palais Royal exclusives line. It contains oak-bark tannin, cedar crystals, birch, immortelle, saps, black thyme, beeswax, tonka bean, rum absolute and moss.

Chene is of course French for Oak, and Chene is a very woody scent. It’s the smell of a walk amongst the tall trees of an oak forest in the warmth of summer, the secret earthiness revealing itself under the crisp leaves on the forest floor.

Chêne opens on the rum absolute and sweet green wood sap, lightly honeyed. The rum mostly fades as the woods and spices heat up, and Chêne turns dry and earthy-mossy. The sillage of Chêne is gentle, and it therefore comes as a surprise that the lasting power is excellent.

The woods of Chêne are smoky, dry, spicy, velvety & warm; practically a ” Grandiose ” wood. I also adore the intense herbaceousness of thyme and sweet, green immortelle intertwined into the majestic woods & moss. The elegant base is a sophisticated affair of woods, rum and sweet tonka that envelops & comforts me in an alluring sillage .


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  1. Serge Lutens loves woods, and 90% of his scents feature an easily ercognizable cedarwood accord: I can only think of Un Bois Vanille, Arabie, Fumerie Turque, Chergui, Feminite du Bois, Santal Blanc… to name just a few. Longevity is also excellent with all of his scents, the house of Lutens being among the most longlasting and featuring the best scent projection, especially among niches. The downside is that they are not scents for everybody… especially that woody accord can easily come to smell like pencil shavings – a note it might take you some time to get accustomed to.


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