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Inspired by the Asian philosophy of do (道), or the belief that there is a specific way to achieving the best results, SK-II has introduced two new cleansing products made with Pitera to help you master the way to ‘crystal clear skin’.

The Facial Treatment Gentle Cleansing Cream is the first step in the system. Luxuriously creamy, it contains concentrated Pitera and Mild Treatment Essence, an ingredient complex consisting of White Willow Extract and SymCalmin®, a synthesized oat active to hydrate skin while effectively removing makeup.

Next, use the Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser to effectively remove any excess oil, dirt and residual make-up. It is also formulated with concentrated Pitera and Mild Treatment Essence that gently treats dry and rough skin to leave your skin feeling refreshed, dewy moist and velvety to the touch.

The new Facial Treatment Cream Foundation creates a lustrous, translucent finish and provides thorough coverage with its rich, creamy texture that smoothly blends with the skin. It contains Concentrated Pitera to maintain your skin’s moisture when you have it on and keep skin supple when you remove it.

I am rather tempted, especially if they market it as a ritual……

*Hadado means the art & philosophy of skin caring



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