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Brand Focus – Antipodes

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Superior skincare, Responsible earthcare®

A skincare range in which bioactive botanical ingredients from New Zealand nature carefully selected for performance are blended with pure plant fragrances and antioxidant avocado oil to help powerfully anti-age your skin. And while creating Antipodes® scientifically proven, protein-rich formulations, the manufacturer is deeply committed to caring for the Earth.

A certified organic, carbon zero business & all the products are officially approved for vegetarians. Antipodes® creator and director Elizabeth Barbalich is deeply committed to running an environmentally responsible business, and educating people about the extraordinary benefits of certified organic and premium natural skincare.

After an education and career in science, she began studying naturopathy and adopting a diet high in organic raw foods and juices. She also began exploring the incredible benefits of New Zealand’s unique bioactive botanical extracts – the healing secrets of Maoridom.

Created without compromise to quality, honestly, beauty or the environment, Antipodes offers you ultra-hydrating skin preparations that contain bioactive botanical ingredients, and which imbue your daily skincare rituals with aromatic blends of heavenly pure plant fragrances.

I enjoy using Ananda gentle toner & Joyous night replenishing serum. Their Avocado Pear nourishing night cream smells divine.


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  1. I never heard about this brand… Where can we buy their products? I am really interested in buying the Joyous serum, it sounds divine!

  2. Thank you for introducing this brand and I am looking forward to more posts on your new topic “brand focus”.. Thumbs up love =)


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