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Disaster ( 2 )

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Bloggers & beauty junkies alert!

This must be the new milestone of appalling customer service.

Yes, it’s you,

on 30/12/2010


Your order number is HQ1430534
These are your order details:
1 x Chantecaille Nano Gold Firming Treatment – 50ml £265.00
exclusive limited time only discount! (£79.50)
Goods Total: £265.00
Discount: (£79.50)
Subtotal: £185.50
Shipping: £8.50
Service Charge: £8.50
Less Your Sales Tax (VAT) Saving: (£27.63)
Paid by VISA: £174.87 


As you could see, they even charge for processing the VAT refund if your goods are send outside EU. Never mind this……

On 12/01/2011, they send me  an email :


It is with regret that we have been unable to obtain stock of one of your products, and so we have cancelled this item from your order – HQ1430534
The product that has been cancelled is: Nano Gold Firming Treatment .
Please log in to your account area for full details –
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


I mean, more than 10 days to notify me that the product I ordered online is out of stock? Talk about the speed of E-commerce nowadays, with those service charges……

You be the judge.

Don’t say I never warned you.

Have you ever had any bad experience with any online retailer? I think it’s time to share, to name & shame those offending merchants.



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  1. I agree! We should set up a list of scammers and companies who simply don’t know how to do business properly!

    I have quite a few to name myself. Scented – false sales advertisements, shipping wrong fragrances, offering no replacemants, ignoring complaints or any other attempt at communication.

    And unfortunately also Neiman Markus… I ordered a Tobacco Vanille from them through a friend from the States. It took them, hold on to your chair, three weeks (!!!!!) to notify the item was out of stock.

    Sephora, even though it has a policy of offering 2-3 samples with each purchase, lately does not offer samples anymore, and when they do it’s 3 samples of the same perfume, usually something you don’t care for anyway!

    However, I also have one example of awesome customer service: Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze. We ordered a 50 ml Teint de Neige for the wedding, and because it was out of stock they sent us a 100 ml bottle for the same price, only not to interfere with our wedding plans. Thumbs up!

    • Now, Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze’s customer service is exceptional, in fact almost above & beyond customer service; I am very grateful ( even touched ) by their gesture.

      3 samples of the same item? That doesn’t make any sense. Unless the customer choose to have 3 same items, this defeats the purpose of sampling!


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