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RBR Bronzing Glow Powder

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We’ve been inspired to re-create this feather-light and creamy goddess-powder so you can let the sun worship you all year round.  Smooth your skin to a natural, even and radiant blissed-out halo of warmth, while the tiny micro-particles dance around you in an enveloping golden aura. This powder is wickedly luxurious and deeply sexy.

You’ll want to let yourself sink into it – to be warmed by the hazy molten gold of late afternoon sun streaming through the window. Let your thoughts drift as you shoot your own sunbeams anywhere you choose – a touch on the eyelids, a dab on the tip of the nose, cheeks, shoulders… Dazzling looks by day or by night to transform you into a Sun Angel, even in the midst of the greyest winter.

This bronzing powder is impalpable on the skin and instantly transforms the complexion. Advanced micronisation, in combination with treated spherical powders, produces an unusual perfecting powder with smoothing properties.

Dazzling micro-particles are contained within a silky and luminous formula, with Ceramide 2 and Palmitoylated Oligopeptide to repair and Quercus Suber Extract to smooth and lift. Papaya Extract smoothes the skin and Passion Fruit Seed Oil is a natural anti-oxidant.

Now, that’s the interesting description of RBR Bronzing Glow Powder by the smart marketing & wicked advertising team of Rouge Bunny Rouge. I bet you’re going to haul on this magical bronzer after reading it. What’s stopping you?

Although it may sounds too good to be true, RBR Bronzing Glow is actually a very decent bronzing powder. Gorgeous packaging, decent size mirror inside the compact, flattering shades that blend flawlessly, never muddy/orangey; This powder bronzer really gives you an impeccably sun-kissed appearance within seconds, effortlessly. Your complexion will emits a healthy glow with fabulous radiance.

Okay, you may not turn into a Goddess that lures the Sun God, but RBR Bronzing Glow will gives you an almost perfect glow to lure the mortals. Great for all over fake baking or sculpting.

I had mine in As If It Were Summer Still…… At Goldcombe Bay.


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