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LPB Beauty Remedies

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1) Spots/Blemishes/Acne – Formulate you very own zit zappers with  tea tree oil, salicylic acid & magnesium paste. All these are available OTC; Have fun titrating to the strength your skin could tolerate.

2) Puffy eyes/Eye bags – Cotton pads soaked in ice cool witch hazel distillate, follow with a smear of mashed potato.

3) Dark circles – Arnica cream massage followed by heat pack application, finish with a gently tap of haemorrhoids cream ( yes, piles cream, make sure you choose the one that doesn’t contain steroids )

4) Bruises – Arnica oil and plenty of massages. Ice pack is effective within the first few minutes.

5) Sunburn – Dissolve aspirin tablets in refrigerated aloe vera juice/yoghurt, splash this potion onto damaged skin, followed by a spray of chamomile tincture. Avoid heavy body cream or oil as these interfere with heat dissipation from body surface.

6) Dry/Patchy skin – Add plenty of rock sugar in your bath water, soak in. Seal in precious moisture with a layer of omega rich body oil such as borage/flaxseed/primrose/starflower.

So, next time when you hit a beauty crisis, turn to your medicine cabinet/kitchen shelves for some practical remedies.


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