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Tips for a healthy, realistic, radiant tan aka faking winter sun in Bahamas/St Tropez without leaving your flat :

1. Scrub – Throughly. Exfoliators are essential during winter, It’s the time of  the year when your skin needs weekly sloughing to get rid of those buildup. To prevent dryness & for evenness, use a creamy scrub that contains beads instead of grainy fruit particles, which can sometimes scratch skin.

2. Bronze – Wisely. There’s nothing worse than greasy, dirty bronze orange. To create natural looking, effortless colour, use a matte powder bronzer, with very subtle & fine shimmers in a shade JUST slightly deeper than your natural skin tone. If you’re extremely pale & uninteresting, bronzers can be too dark for you; Try pressed powder one to two shades deeper than your skin colour. Lightly dust the powder just along your forehead, cheeks, and nose. If you accidentally overdo it, use a clean powder puff to gently buff off the excess.

3. Blush – Lightly. Bronzer all alone can look dull & flat; To mimic the kind of healthy, pinkish glow you’d get in the summer, swirl a rosy, shimmer-free powder blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend it back along your cheekbones ( avoid peach blush, which can make the golden tones in bronzer appear tangerine ).

4. Highlight – Strategically. A fair bit of sheen will perk up dull skin, so pat just a dot or two of cream or liquid highlighter on the top of each cheekbone and blend it back toward your temples. Add another small dot on the inner corner of each eye and blend well. For fair fairy, use a champagne shade; On olive skin, go with a golden colour; For dark skin, try a coppery tone. Despite what you may have heard, don’t apply highlighter on your brow bones—it will just looks overdone.

5. Complement eyes & lips – Softly. A shimmery taupe on your lids and a tinted balm/gloss that’s slightly darker than your natural lip colour will do.

6. Match – Completely. Make sure you have a unified tan all over the areas that you’re going to expose for public scrutiny.


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