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Leonor Greyl Huile de Magnolia

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A blend of botanical oils rich in pro-vitamins A combined with the delicate scent of magnolia blossom; Prevents skin dryness and reduces the burning effects of the sun.

The drying action caused by immersion in water and sun exposure is neutralized.

As a result, your skin remains satin smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch. It is delicately scented and extends the life of your beautiful golden tan.

Huile de Magnolia is a natural oil for face and body ( In my case, hair as well ). A blend of botanical oils rich in Pro-Vitamins A, this fine oil leaves a healthy sheen on your skin with a sexy sillage of magnolia aroma.

I also use this fragrant oil to style, tame & nourish my hair as well. Add some organic sea salts, this serve as an excellent exfoliating paste as well.

This oil is rich enough to be used in the winter for calming & nourishing weather battled skin, yet protective enough to be used as a sunbathing oil ( not photo ageing or burning ). An all year essential, multi-purpose oil that can be doubled up as a sensual massage oil!

Ingredients:  Natural Oils 97%, Fragrance.


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