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Daily Archives: December 30, 2010

Guerlain Holiday 2010 Collection

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I got the meteorites perles d’or & midnight star radiance treatment from this collection; so far, I am loving them, especially during the festive seasons.

The Meteorites Perles d’Or comes in a sturdy, gorgeous metal case with a golden bee. It contains a mixture of 6 beautiful pearls to blur away imperfections, perk up a dull complexion and create a harmonious halo. The colors are iridescent white, neutral white gold, pearly apricot, pink, a new copper gold and violet. They impart an unified, almost ethereal glow yet do not add much shimmers/glitters.

This can be used as a translucent powder to set your make up. In fact, the finish is just like any fine translucent powder, with just a touch of radiance. I actually like the powdery aroma of these magical pearls.

The pressed version is Poudre d’Or, a sheer, shimmering pink veil; This exquisite compact contains solid meteorites powder, in shades of pearly white, pink and violet. A palette of three shades – the violet of the season, a pale pink and a white – drawn in the form of bees over a bed of iridescent beige. The slightly pearly colours reveal the radiance of all skin tones and light up the face with a unique glow. Not to mention the elegant silver-toned compact is adorned with a rosette, the golden bee and black Swarovski crystals!

It contains more glimmers than perles d’Or and would serve perfectly as a highlighter. In my opinion, poudre d’Or is not suitable to be used as a face powder as it’s too shimmery ( although extremely fine milled & again, delicately scented ) to be used all over. I didn’t managed to get this into my collection as it was a total sold out. I tried the tester and was hooked instantly. I will have to hunt this down in airport duty free, wish me luck.

Midnight Star Extraordinary Radiance Treatment is presented as a magic wand than contains 10 portable ( & precious ) ampoules of velvety smooth treatment serum.  Applied to sallow, fatigued or stressed skin, this pearlescent gel captures and reflects light and diminishes skin imperfections, like magic.

I will do a separated review on this miracle serum, I love it so much that I want to praise it in another dedicated post.


Pride Peacock

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Wear dramatic eyes in jewel tones as featured by M.A.C. Peacocky collection with monochromatic outfits & glitters.

You can definitely stroll down the street as pride as a peacock.