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Daily Archives: December 29, 2010

Sales & Bargains 2010

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HQhair is giving a generous 30% discount on most items. I had a valid excuse to splurge on Chantecaille Nano Gold Firming Treatment now.

SpaceNK sales is on as well. Most of its in house fragrance line ( SpaceNK ) are on massive discount. Laughter Nuit is joining my collection soon, so as Lipstick Queen, and By Terry……

In comparison, Zuneta seems to have a very limited range when it comes to the discount department.


Hourglass Brushes

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Dream about a quintessence¬†brush set that’s stylish & glamourous, yet exquisite & distinctive?

Hourglass brushes, an epitome of sophistication; Takelon bristles ( incredibly soft and totally non scratchy, cruelty free, low maintenance ), rose gold metallic weighted handles and reasonable price tags.

I am speechless, these brushes are beyond description; The only way to appreciate them is to utilise them.

I purchased mine through In my opinion, better than NARS, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier ……

Polyesthers may be inferior to silk, but Takelon is definitely as good as ( if not better ) animal fur.