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Daily Archives: December 23, 2010

LPB Party Beauty Guide

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Want to look fresh & great, even though you had over stretched yourself with too little sleep/too much drinks/plenty of fun/severe weather/demanding guests……?

Here are my tips on how to appears sorted & fabulous:

1) Use a physical exfoliator to prepare your skin, choose scrub that contains smooth granules so that you wouldn’t scratch your skin. Manual scrubbing improves microcirculation & gives your skin a healthy flush. I loves Origin’s Modern Friction.

2) Treat yourself with a hydrating mask; The moisture surge will plumps up your skin, makes your complexion looking radiant & revived. Sisley’s Express Flower Gel is my choice; I also loves SK II Whitening Source Derm Revival sheet mask for its brightening effect or SK II Facial Treatment sheet mask for its intense hydration & plumping effect. With sheet mask, you will actually got to have at least 15 mins to spare, and relax.

3) Sisley’s Radiant Glow express mask is an alternative option if you’re in a rush, it only takes 5 minutes to energise your skin; Or Malin + Goetz’s Detox mask. Try to avoid deep cleansing, drawing type mask a day or two before any big event in case your skin breaks out.

4) Run an ice cube made from tonic water all over your face to boost circulation & minimise pores. You can use witch hazel distillate or rosewater, depending on your skin type. I make mine with Shu Uemura’s Juvenus Vitalizing Refining Lotion. Your skin will be glowing after this simple step. ( PS you could run the ice cube down your neck to freshen up or down your …… to make them perky )

5) Arm yourself with an excellent primer ; Primer is simply a life saver; I recommends Shu Uemura’s Stage Performer – It hydrates, illuminates, primes & sets your make up! By Terry’s Seve De Rose Ultra-Glow double serum is a hybrid of skin serum & primer. Guerlain’s Midnight Star Collect’or Extraordinary Radiance Treatment is wonderful if you’re minted – again this product smooths, revitalise & illuminates your skin,like a magic wand!

6) Splurge on foundation – a good foundation makes your skin the perfect canvas. YSL’s Teint Resist for superb wear, By Terry’s Light Expert Perfecting Foundation brush for radiance.

7) Be adventurous and use bright colours sparingly. The key point is sparingly, highlight your best features. A perfectly painted red lips or meticulously drawn bright liners will usually do the job; If you’re too timid for dramatic lips or eyes, try some blushers or coloured mascara.

8) Make sure you have the following essential in your beauty emergency kit – astringent eye drops, breathe freshener, facial mist, blotting paper & Q tips.

9) No matter how tired you are after the party, take off ALL your make up thoroughly and nourish your skin with an amazing facial oil. I use Amanda Lacey’s Camellia facial oil or Ren’s Rose Synergy O12 Restoring facial serum. The bottom line is use an aromatic facial oil that will relax your soul & nurture your skin before your journey to slumberland.

10) Zap those unsightly zits with blemish buster. I like Eve Lom’s Dynaspot, or you could mix some tea tree oil with magnesium paste and slap it on overnight.

Tomorrow is another party day.


Spring 2011 Forecast

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Be prepared for a bright spring. It’s raining daffodils, sunflowers, tangerines and corals!

Multi-coloured precious stones will complement most bright colours, mix transparent crystals with opaque stones.

Perks your winter pale & abused complexion with skin enhancers prior to your foundation. A cheerfully bright lipstick never fails to deliver the joy.

I predict the hip style of orange eyes, coral lips & fuschia cheeks next Spring.