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Daily Archives: December 18, 2010

Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask

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An easy 5 minutes foaming gel mask.

Innovative, oxygenating cleansing agents replace harsh detergents and drying clays to deep cleanse pores, lift dirt, oil and make-up away from the skin without irritation, while creating a physical barrier to seal in hydration.

Complex amino acids and natural almond extract gently and effectively purify, clarify, balance and soothe.

Stable Vitamin C, anti-oxidant Vitamin E and Soy Protein help firm and address concerns for aging.

Natural fragrance and color.

0.3% Soy Protein. For all skin types.

Winner of Allure Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Best of Beauty Awards (2008)

I am quite thrilled by this foaming face mask as it bubbles quite densely and feels really tingly & ticklish. I have used a few foaming masks before like Sofina, Bliss and find Malin & Goetz ‘s most stimulating. The foams are rather coarse as compared to Bliss Oxygenating mask but smell more natural.

Detox face mask purifies, energises, protects & moisturises in just 5 minutes. It’s an excellent pre-party quick fix for a refreshed complexion. It leaves skin firmer & velvety smooth. I had not noticed any effect on my pores though.


Sisley Eau du Soir

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The Rolls Royce of chypres.

A refined, elegant, and timeless scent. Eau du Soir offers inimitable charm and allure, day and night. A rich, complex olfactory composition, Eau du Soir is a perfect balance between the freshness of citrus, the sensuality of floral and chypre notes, and the intensity of amber and musk.

The sculptural stopper, created by contemporary artist Bronislaw Krzysztof, is plated with 18-karat yellow gold.

Eau du Soir, which celebrates its 20th Birthday this year, was created by Hubert d’Ornano as a personal fragrance for his wife Isabelle in memory of the scent of Andalusian gardens from her childhood, when the day gives way to obscurity and White Seringa flowers fully release their scent. Eau du Soir is the essence of a summer evening captured in an eau de parfum; an extremely elegant, original and refined Chypre floral fragrance.

A scent of rich contrasts that develops subtly and slowly, releasing the perfectly balanced notes of fresh citrus, sensuous floral, crisp chypre, alluring amber and animalistic musk.

I am currently living in this perfume. Only one word to describe this – Sophisticated. I could imagine Elizabeth I ( the Virgin Queen ) wearing this, so elegant that it’s getting snobbish &  grandiose. The elixir of an Ice Queen. ( Thanks Jade for the concept )

PS: the 20th anniversary limited edition bottle comes in a contrasting box ( white bottle in black box & vice versa). I think the black bottle is great for decor.

Shopper Chic

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This is the last weekend before Christmas, you should be panicking if you’ve not finished your shopping/gift list yet. The shops will be flooded, crowd will be crazy……

Nevertheless, there’s no excuse to shop in your pyjamas. Wear something soft, cosy & enveloping……

A gillet will kept you warm, also pad your shoulder. Your bag could be getting heavier from shop to shop.

Pants is more convenient if you have to stomp/run/climb……

High heels is a torturing device during shopping spree.

A good size bag is a must.

Banish unwanted shine & keep touching up to the minimal with a 2 way cake foundation, like Bobbi Brown Illuminating Finish powder compact.